12 Holiday Truths for the Parent of a T1D

WRITTEN BY: Sara Jensen

It’s that time of year again, when the parents of all children brace for holiday treats… and for us with T1Ds the wild blood sugars that follow them. Whether they drop as fast as Santa down the chimney or rocket up like your credit card bill after a trip to Toys R Us, the Christmas party season is a lot to deal with. Here’s what it’s like.

1. How you imagine your T1D is going to eat at the holiday party:


2. When you talk to another classroom parent that agrees to help write down the ingredients so you can properly carb count but they don’t:


3. When you suggest that maybe there should be water and some fresh vegetables at the party and the other parents are like:


4. The look on your T1Ds face when you say they can eat whatever and however much they want:.


5. When your T1D starts to give themselves a hard time about eating so much sugar over the holidays and you are like:


6. When your T1D finally gets to eat all their favorite holiday special treats:


7. When you give your T1D kid all the holiday food the other kids are eating and another adult is like “Isn’t that how you gave him/her diabetes in the first place?”:


8. When you observe your child looking at the holiday buffet table and trying to estimate their own carbs:


9. When there’s no way you can figure out the refined sugar carb count so you wing it and hope for the best:


10. When you give them eleventy billion units of insulin for all that food then they crash hard and are so full now they don’t want to treat:


11. When you bolus perfectly for all that food and they don’t even spike later in the night:


12. After what seems like a week of chasing holiday highs and lows, the kids go to bed and you are like:

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Sara Jensen

As the Creative Director for Beyond Type 1 from the very beginning, Sara is responsible for our arresting visual design and branding. Her son Henry was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 5 in 2013 and has grown into a powerful ambassador for diabetes issues. In addition to Beyond Type 1, Sara also works for world-class interior designer Genevieve Gorder as Creative Director. She is passionate about foster adoption, Beyond Type 1, good food and humor. She lives on a tiny island in the middle of a big ocean. And she has stories, lots of them.