12 (More) Things Only a T1D Parent Understands


There are somethings that only a T1D parent understands. Beyond Type 1 knows exactly what you mean … again. This is our second installment of 12 Things Only a T1D Parent Understands by Sara Jensen.


1. When someone overhears you talking about how your child is high again.


2. When your kid’s A1C is way higher than you thought it was.


3. When your kid’s A1C is way better than you thought it was.


4. When someone asks if your kid is *still* taking insulin.


5. When someone tells you that they know someone who died of diabetes.

6. When your kid’s medical supplies come in the mail.


7. When you realize your forgot the supply bag and already left the house.


8. You dropped a new bottle of test trips on a dirty ass floor.


9. When someone says something stupid about Type 1 online and you roll into the comments, like “Let me tell you something …”


10. When someone without T1 eats something sweet and they says, “I’m gonna get diabetes from this!”


11. When you need to prove to your insurance company that your child still has Type 1.


12. When someone tags you in an okra water post.

WRITTEN BY Sara Jensen, POSTED 07/31/17, UPDATED 02/15/18

As the Creative Director for Beyond Type 1 from the very beginning, Sara is responsible for our arresting visual design and branding. Her son Henry was diagnosed with Type 1 at the age of 5 in 2013 and has grown into a powerful ambassador for diabetes issues. In addition to Beyond Type 1, Sara also works for world-class interior designer Genevieve Gorder as Creative Director. She is passionate about foster adoption, Beyond Type 1, good food and humor. She lives on a tiny island in the middle of a big ocean. And she has stories, lots of them.