13 Questions with Beyond Type Run Marathoner Emily Trantum


Editor’s Note: Emily was a member of Beyond Type Run‘s 2018 TCS New York City Marathon Team sponsored byDexcom andInsulet, makers of the tubeless Omnipod Insulin Management System. Learn more about the 2019 Beyond Type Run team here.

Meet Emily—grateful for all of the awesome people in her life, running + volleyball enthusiast, Dexcom G-6 user +Podder, striving to live each day with purpose, believes in the power of kindness.

What inspired you to join the team?

Running has always been a part of my life and over the years it’s taught so many lessons that have carried over into all aspects of my life. After being diagnosed with type 1 at age 30, something that felt so natural all of these years, suddenly was the hardest thing for me to do. At first, I could barely make it through a 2 or 3 miles without my blood sugars crashing, but slowly I just kept working at it, knowing eventually I would figure it out. After working my way up to a 10 mile run last year, I saw the Beyond Type Run call for 2018 team members. Beyond Type 1’s awesome community of type 1 diabetic (T1D) warriors had helped me see and believe right from the start that I could continue living the life I wanted to live, even with the extra challenges. I was so excited about the opportunity to be on a team with other T1D teammates all working towards the same goal and striving to live beyond each day.

What’s in your diabetes management toolkit?

Dexcom, Omnipod and Vermont Maple Syrup.

I never go on a run without …

I actually keep this list handy in order to do a quick check before heading out the door: Dexcom, Omnipod, iPhone, glucometer, pricker, lancing device, test strips, 4 Packs of Untapped Maple Syrup, Chapstick, running belt, medical ID, bracelet ID, credit card, $5, house key.

What is your favorite low snack on a run?

Untapped Vermont Maple Syrup.

What is your pump it up running song?


What has been your most helpful tool as you’ve trained?

Tech Tools—Dexcom G6 and Omnipod

Mental Tools—Keep your thoughts in the present and staying strong in that mile, don’t focus on the total number of miles left.

What has been the biggest training hurdle?

Trying to figure out the best ways to stabilize blood sugar levels for longer distances.

What is your most embarrassing running moment?

In high school when I got one of my first chances to lead the team for a recovery run I slipped on a walnut, causing the rest of the team to tumble on top of me! To this day when I see my teammates, we still laugh about this!

The injury I’m currently nursing is . . .


If you could go on a run with any T1D hero who would it be?

Robin Arzon.

How do you treat yourself / recover after a long run?

I rehydrate, refuel, ice if needed, elevate my legs, slip into my OOFOS recovery shoes, and continue moving around to the extent possible.

What are you most nervous about the day of the marathon?

I’m mostly excited! I can’t say I’m nervous about this, but I am hoping for good weather.

How are you going to celebrate at the end of the race?

After the run, I’m going to find my friends and family, give them a big a hug  and thank all of the awesome donors who’ve supported me in this journey.

To learn more about the 2019 TCS New York City Marathon Beyond Type Run team click here.