20 Questions With the Beyond Type 1 Team


The Beyond Type 1 team is small but mighty. Meet the crew working tirelessly behind the scenes to bring you the magic of Beyond Type 1! Most everyone has some personal connection to type 1 diabetes, or if they didn’t, they do now! We asked 20 fun questions to get to know our amazing team. Here are some highlights.

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What’s your favorite thing about working in Type 1 diabetes?

“Knowing that we are making life for people with type 1 a little better each day.”—Sarah Lucas, CEO

“Learning about the many unique and different ways there are to live and thrive as a person with type 1 diabetes. Before spending every day working in the type 1 diabetes (T1D) community, it was easy to assume that my diabetes experience was pretty standard. There’s no such thing as standard—I learn something new or different every week at Beyond Type 1 about what people with type 1 diabetes are doing to manage type 1—hacking, experimenting, overcoming, struggling, triumphing ALL KINDS OF CRAZY STUFF. It’s so cool.”—Dana Howe, communications manager 


What is something that’s popular right now that everyone will look back on and be embarrassed by in five years?

“La Croix” – Olivia Aulicino, program manager

“The Kardashians (I hope)” – Mary Lucas, influencer engagement 

What’s your favorite type of cheese?

“Any kind that goes well with wine” – Ellen Phillips, SnailMail program manager

“Manchego and Cotija. Best quesadillas. Ever.”—Mariana Gómez, project manager 

In one sentence, sum up working at Beyond Type 1.

“An enriching experience that helps me remember that together we are stronger.” – Mila Ferrer, program manager

“Welcoming to all and everyone is so hardworking!” – Nicole McGreevy, community + social media manager

What’s in your bag right now?

“ALL OF THE THINGS—like most T1Ds I know, I have a bag I take everywhere with anything I could need for about 48 hours. Laptop, notebooks, headphones, snacks, backup insulin and pump sites, random business cards, ticket stubs, receipts, pens, chocolate, water bottle, camera, camera charger, probably an extra shirt?”—Dana

“I don’t have a ‘bag’”—Thor Jensen, web developer 

“Loose almonds, $2.”—Olivia


Pineapple on pizza – yes or no?

“Highly allergic to pineapple and emotionally upset by the idea of it on pizza.” – Sara Jensen, creative director

“Gross.”—Amrita Misha, Editorial Intern

Share one of your most unpopular opinions.

“Socks and sandals are JUST FINE.”—Nicole McGreevy, summer intern

“That men should put the toilet seat back down after visiting the bathroom.”—Sarah L. 

“Peanut butter is gross. And eating it makes you go <nyam nyam nyam> …and thats gross too. I don’t want it on my food. Or in my cookies. Or in my pantry. Nope. Bye.”—Thom Scher, COO 

Are you always early or always late or right on time?

“I’m typically late and it totally bugs me”—Ellen

“I sleep whenever possible”—Mackey, chief morale officer (Office Dog!)

What’s one thing you’ve done at BT1 that you’re proud of?

“Hired the most talented, hard working, eccentric, fun individuals who make up our dynamic team. They are the heart of this company and make it a pleasure to come to work each day.”—Sarah L.

“Launching Beyond Type Run”—Mary

What’s something you wish you knew more about?


“I wish I cared how things work—physically, like—how a car works? How my fridge works? How a lightbulb works? Unfortunately this is not so much how my brain works.”—Dana

What’s the last book you read?

“Nutrition for Sport and Exercise: A Practical Guide by Hayley Daris”— Mariana

“The Handmaid’s Tale”—Nicole

What’s one non-diabetes-related interest you have?

“LGBTQ+ activism”—Thom

“Fashion / Clean Beauty”—Mary

What could you give a 40 minute presentation on with no prep?

“Downward Dog and Other Yoga Poses to Master”—Mackey

“Best products at Trader Joe’s and why. This would basically be a 40-minute unpaid marketing seminar for ‘why Trader Joe’s’.”—Dana

“Greek mythology.”—Amrita

What are you most likely to be famous for?

“Most likely being confused for the artist Sarah Lucas, who is known for her visual puns, bawdy humour and plastercasting genitalia.”—Sarah L.

“My future line of adorable kids clothing—it’s happening.”—Mary

“Eating a lot of weird food at a frightening pace.”—Olivia

Who inspires you to be better?

“My children.”—Sara J.

“My kids.”—Thor 

Diabetes devices you’re currently using?

“Dexcom G5 and Omnipod”—Nicole

“Insulin pump 640g.”—Mariana

Favorite low snack?

“Any snack that is left down low enough for me to reach is good enough for me.”—Mackey

“ClifBlock Strawberry Energy blocks”—Mary

Favorite thing about Beyond Type 1?

“The pure enthusiasm, for generating change, for solving problems and having fun doing it.”—Michelle Boise, editor 

“That we are a small team that makes a big impact on the world every day.”—Sarah L.

Astrological sign?

“Virgo.” – 43 percent of BT1

“Virgo. I know how to get sh*t done.”—Sara J.

“Scorpio—and I only care when it is a good reading.”—Sarah L.

What’s your spirit animal?

“Thom Scher—he’s great at hanging out on the floor and a good dancer!” – Mackey

“A combination of Hillary Clinton & Anna Wintour, with a dash of Olivia Pope.”—Thom

Favorite social media platform?


“Instagram and snapchat”—Ellen

Morning person or night person?

“Both. I’m a terrible sleeper.”—Mariana

“Morning for sure. Diabetes thinks I like nights.”—Sara J.

What aspect of working at Beyond Type 1 are you most passionate about?

“Community building”—Mila

“All of it….because I literally have my hand in all of it! The people, the community, the programs, the design, the content. I am most passionate about continuing to raise the bar and force everyone to do more, be better, work together, aim higher because people living with type 1 deserve our very best.”— Sarah L.

Share one bucket item you’re set on completing.

“Retiring in Costa Rica.”—Mila

“Running a marathon on every continent (included Antarctica, yes.)”—Mary

What is your theme song?

“The Rocky Balboa Theme song”—Mariana

“Who let the dogs out”—Mackey

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