The Beyond Type 1 2019 Gift Guide!


Welcome to the Annual Beyond Type 1 Gift Guide! Here you’ll discover all the must-have diabetes goodies of the 2019 Holiday Season, and what better time to treat your favorite type 1 diabetes or type 2 diabetes (T1D/T2D) (or treat yourself!) to some fresh diabetes swag? Say goodbye to boring devices and ugly blood glucose (BG) meter bags, and hello to snazzy device decals, stylish cases for all those supplies, and fun, well-designed gear to celebrate your life with diabetes! Read on to find out top picks this year:

1. Pump Peelz are the perfect way to add some holiday cheer to your diabetes devices and ensure your sites stay on through all the merriment. There are a wide variety of decal designs for every device out there, and the Patch+ for pump and continuous glucose monitor (CGM) sites stays put for days and looks cool while keeping you secure! Explore the collection here.

2. Worried about the temperature of your insulin? MedAngel ONE is the gift for you! This small, wireless, waterproof thermometer pairs with an app (iPhone + Android) that monitors the temperature of your insulin and alerts you if the temperature approaches or exceeds a safe level. You can pop it in your fridge or take it on-the-go! This is a useful tool during travels, especially to very hot or cold places. In the app you can see your history and will find a built-in medication database of EU and US Insulins (along with many other medications). Get MedAngel ONE here.

3. Transform one of your type 1 diabetic (T1D) kiddo’s dolls to look just like them with a mini CGM or pump! Head to Heroic Kid to find a variety of tiny devices that can be sewn, pinned or stuck onto a favorite doll, action figure, or stuffed toy. Having a friend who looks just like you is really special and a wonderful way to make this disease a little better! Find them here. American Girl Doll also makes a diabetes care kit for dolls that comes with pretend, doll-sized tools including a BG monitor, lancing device, medical bracelet, glucose tabs and more. 

4. Myabetic is dedicated to creating products that improve the lives of people living with Diabetes, and a new bag for all those diabetes supplies is an excellent gift for anyone with diabetes (yourself included, treat yourself!) With a huge variety of cases and bags in every color and size, you are guaranteed to find the perfect one. Already have a Myabetic case? Grab a Travel Bag for your adventures, a fantastically sparkly sequin “High/Low” reversible pillow to brighten up your home during the dark winter months, or one of the brand-new “Living with Diabetes” Diaversary Pendant Necklace and number charms to celebrate how many years you’ve lived (and thrived) with diabetes!

5. Are you part of the Beyond Type 1 Snail Mail Club? Then you absolutely need the Snail Mail Mascot, Percy! This plushy stuffy will make anyone smile with his big eyes, sweet smile and tiny insulin pump. Adopt your Percy here and get ready for cuddles with your new diabetes mollusk buddy! P.S. You don’t have to be a member of the Club to adopt a Percy, and we’d love for you to join us in the fun and sign up for the Snail Mail Club here.

6. Calling all Type One Runners! Show off your support with an awesome, highly functional Technical Performance Athletic shirt. Featuring the Type One Run logo on the front and the Beyond Type 1 Drop in the back, and with a material made from a snag-resistant mico-mesh that offers superior breathability and stretch, you’ll stay comfy and stylish no matter the activity! Find the Men’s here and the Women’s here.

7. For parents of a T1D, the newly-released book “The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom: Real-Life Stories of Parenting a Child with Type 1 Diabetes” from Award-Winning Podcast Host + Diabetes Mom Stacey Simms is a very necessary gift. This book shares relatable stories of type 1 milestones such as the first night home, pump start, summer camp, social media and more, with Stacey sharing lessons learned along the way. ” “The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom” does not glamorize the life of a parent of a child with type 1 diabetes or the struggles of a child. The book, in a way, celebrates that the idea of perfection is simply not a “thing” that can be attained while managing type 1 diabetes. Stacey is unapologetic and honest about the lessons she has learned as a T1D parent in a way that makes the reader—whether a parent themselves or a person with type 1 recalling their own early experiences—feel a lot less alone.” “Although the book is written by a T1D parent, people who have type 1 themselves will likely relate to the many moments of confusion and frustration, and will appreciate Stacey’s consistent ability to laugh along the way while always taking the topics seriously.” Read the rest of Beyond Type 1’s book review here and grab a copy here.

8. Painful Fingerpricks got you down? Say goodbye to the ouch with the Genteel Lancing Device. Genteel uses a patented, three-step vacuum process to extract the perfect drop without the pain. It can be used on nearly any part of the body and comes in a bunch of bright colors. Take our word, your fingers will thank you for this gift! 

9. Insulin is expensive, and breaking a bottle can be a devastating accident. Protect your vials with VialSafe, a silicone case that makes your insulin easier to grip and less likely to drop! Available for short and tall bottles, the design includes a label to easily read labels so you don’t mix your meds up. Grab one at Shop The Drop and never replace a broken vial again!

10. Beanie Bonanza is happening at Shop The Drop—all beanies are on sale for 50 percent off for the first time ever! You won’t find another sale until next Holiday season, so don’t delay and check out the selection here

11. Living an active, healthy lifestyle is important to many people living with diabetes, so why not give your loved one a gift to help them achieve their health goals? Withings makes sleek medical-grade health devices including smart scales, smartwatches + activity trackers, blood pressure monitors and more, designed to help keep you on track with your health goals. For the active T1D try the Steel HR Sport, a multi-sport hybrid smartwatch specifically designed for workouts featuring step counter, heart rate monitoring, multi-sport tracking, connected GPS and a Fitness Level assessment via VO2 Max estimation. 

12. Our signature hat—the Beyond Type 1 Drop Hat—is an essential gift for anyone with diabetes. Loved by community members and celebrities alike, this hat is a fantastic way to rock your diabetes and support your favorite nonprofit at the same time. Head to Shop The Drop to snag a hat and start rocking The Drop! 

13. If you already have a Drop Hat, rock the Drop in a new way with a “Drop(s)” shirt from Beyond Type 1! These best-selling, unisex t-shirts are super soft and perfect for everyday wear. With a pattern of Drops across the chest, you’ll raise awareness while looking stylish! Get yours here before they sell out!

14. Jerry the Bear is a must-have for any kid (or adult!) with T1D. This T1D Tech Teddy is not only a teaching tool for children with type 1 but also for the entire family and community. Through interaction with Jerry—using the app and virtual tools to check his blood sugar, make food selections, carb count and administer insulin—you learn how to take care of him and in the process yourself. Find Jerry on Shop The Drop here

More gift ideas… 

15. The signature Beyond Type 1 Stickers are a super fun way to decorate and look great on anything—your computer, phone, pump, diabetes bag, whatever you want! You’ll smile every time you see one and are reminded what a diabadass you are. Snag a pack here

16. For the adult with diabetes who wants to connect with other adults with diabetes, is interested in diabetes education, loves adventure or is just yearning for some time away in nature—the gift of a Beyond Type 1 x Connected in Motion Slipstream Ticket is the perfect match. These fun weekend retreats are summer camp for adults living with diabetes, with a mix of relaxed sessions and outdoor activities like a high ropes course to challenge yourself or a nature walk if you prefer to keep it light. Check ’em out here; with four locations throughout the US and Canada in 2020 you’ll be sure to find one that works! 

17. Can’t find the perfect present? Luckily, we’ve got you—a Shop The Drop gift card is a great gift to get for someone you don’t know how to shop for. Shop The Drop has a whole slew of fun products to show your Beyond Type 1 pride!

WRITTEN BY Mary Lucas , POSTED 12/06/19, UPDATED 11/16/22

Mary was diagnosed with type 1 in 1998 at the age of 7 and has been active in the type 1 community ever since. She started at Beyond Type 1 in July 2015. She has run the 2017 + 2018 TCS New York City Marathon with Beyond Type Run, raising over $16K. Mary attended Parsons the New School for Design in New York where she studied fashion design with a focus in childrenswear, and studied abroad at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. Prior to Beyond Type 1, Mary was a freelance designer and photographer, working most notably with Myabetic and Refinery29. She has also worked at Women’s Wear Daily, Fashionista, and Mel Ottenberg Studio. She is passionate about living well with type 1 diabetes (T1D), finding a cure, growing Beyond Type 1 and her French Bulldog Lola! Check out more from Mary on her instagram @MaryAlessandraa