4 Reasons Why T1Ds Make the Best Friends


Living life with a Type 1 isn’t always easy. Some days it is just downright frustrating. Whether you are our parent, sibling, friend or main squeeze, we know we can sometimes be … difficult. But honestly? We are the best kind of people to have in your life. Here are just a few reasons why your life is more awesome because of your T1D:

  1. We always have snacks.

Generally speaking, we are just more prepared than most. We constantly have “what-ifs” rolling through our minds, and we have the answers to those scenarios somewhere close to us at all times. But with food especially, granola bars, nuts, dried fruit, candy … you name it, we’ve probably got it in our bags, cars, pockets, hats … anywhere we can carry it. We understand that low blood sugars happen to everyone and not just people with diabetes! We also understand that sometimes you just want a Reese’s cup! And who doesn’t love someone who always has food around?

  1. We understand bad moods.

Our bad moods happen because of high or low blood sugars. We can’t help it, and we wish it didn’t happen as often as it actually does. We understand that there are also things that will put you in a funk that you have no control over. We are happy to offer you whatever you need during those times, (like a piece of candy perhaps?) and will be ready to get back to regularly scheduled programming once you come out on the other side.

  1. We’re tough.

Physically and mentally, we are tough cookies. We stick needles into our bodies. We purposefully make ourselves bleed. We are always doing some kind of math. There’s not one minute that goes by that we aren’t calculating something. All the while, we do everything “normal” people do, like work, go to school, take care of kids, socialize and dance to Lady Gaga on the daily. (Maybe just me.)

We know how to get through a tough time. We know how it feels to go from feeling completely helpless to feeling like the strongest mega-human-champion you’ve ever seen. We are happy to be the shoulder you lean on and the person who listens when you’re just not okay. We’ll talk you through, or just listen. It’s hard to live with a chronic illness and not be empathetic. We understand you and want to help! We will lift you up and play every cheesy encouraging song while we do it. (Also maybe just me.)

  1. We won’t ever give up on you.

By default, we T1Ds are fighters. If you are our friend, you are our friend for life. We won’t let one argument or a few bad days get in the way of the greatness that is our relationship with you. Why? Because we get it. Because the people who don’t give up on us are the people we cherish forever. Because we want to offer you the same thing we ask of those people with whom we are closest: just stick with us. Through the highs and lows. Just stay on our side.

We all have moments that pop up when we need a little extra hand-holding, a giant bear hug, or the quickest route to a punching bag. We got you covered. If you have a diabuddy, congratulations! You’ve got a gem of a friend. If you don’t, go and find one! There are about 1.25 million of us out there. We’re not always the easiest people to handle, but we are definitely worth it.

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WRITTEN BY Rachel Mayo, POSTED 05/10/17, UPDATED 12/09/17

Rachel was diagnosed with T1D at 18 years old, and since then, has had a passion for helping others navigate this disease with a positive spirit. She does not let diabetes act as a restriction, and works with others to help them live an intentional, purposeful life. In addition to being a speaker, she is an experiential based facilitator and event planner. She conducts workshops for corporate and educational groups across the country. Rachel lives in Nashville, TN, and her great loves in life are her husband, her dog, coffee and dancing.