A Sports Bra for T1D

WRITTEN BY: Judy Mitri

Spicing things up

Type 1 diabetes always likes to spice things up. When something should be easy, T1 diabetes comes and is like, “Hello, let me make that more complicated!” Here are a few examples:

1. Driving. Without T1D: easy. With T1D: can’t cause BG is too low.

2. Going through security. Without T1D: easy. With T1D: having to explain that you’re not carrying a bomb.

3. Going for a run. Without T1D: easy. With T1: having to carry low treatments with you, your phone is case something happens, your meter or your pump.

With that in mind, I noticed that working out is so essential when having Type 1 diabetes. However, it can become a little more complex. A few months ago, I was at a kickboxing class, and I had an Animas Insulin Pump at the time. I placed the pump on my leggings at the hip level and started to hit the bags. The thing is, I always had to stop to replace my pump because it kept on moving. At that moment I thought: “Damn you diabetes, I want to workout in peace!’’ That is when I had the idea of designing a trendy sports bra that has an integrated pocket to place the insulin pump during workouts.

No limitations!

I always say: T1D should never be a limitation. It is a complicated disease indeed, but we can still be free to do whatever we like, just in moderation sometimes. If we are lucky enough to work out and keep our bodies healthy, we should embrace it! This pushed me to design and create the sports bra. I know that T1D can add a little challenge when going to the gym, walking your dog, or going for a run. With the pocket so close to you, you don’t need to worry about forgetting something, or going back to a gym locker because you’re going too low. You can workout your way!

Why exercise?

You must have heard it from every endo, nurse, dietitian, parent, friend: exercising is good for your diabetes. Why?

  • Exercise reduces stress. Stress tends to bring the blood sugar higher because of the cortisol it produces. Working out also reduces your anxiety level, and let’s be fair, T1D is already a big source of anxiety itself. Working out can reduce its symptoms and make you feel light and happy.
  • Helps you control your blood sugar: with the proper insulin and food management, you’ll get a better sense of control over your numbers. Of course, trial and error is something that everybody has to go through. You will need to understand your body insulin needs, and which foods affect your numbers in which ways.
  • Exercising increases your insulin sensitivity: your body will need less insulin to process your carb intake.
  • And last but not least: it’s fun! Exercising gives you more energy, makes you break out of your routine for a little while, and is a fun activity to do.

For more information about the sports bra, visit: www.diahyperhypo.com.

Judy Mitri

You might know Judy from her Instagram page @hyper.hypo. She is a proud Type 1 diabetic for 18 years now. She learned to ride the waves of this love-hate relationship and turned it into something positive. She was so motivated about this idea that I wanted to help out other T1D women, and that is how her idea for the Insulin Pump Sports Bras came to life.