A T1D Teen’s Story of Fate and Fashion

WRITTEN BY: Georgia Rose Hall

My name is Georgia, I am 22 years old and I live beyond by bettering myself everyday by living a healthy and active lifestyle, pushing the boundaries to prove that Type 1 Diabetes won’t stop me from achieving my dreams.

I have travelled through South Africa and white water rafted in Zimbabwe, swam with the Sharks in Port Lincoln, road tripped through America, Island hopped through Vanuatu & Lifou and have hiked to the top of the Cape of Good Hope in Cape Town and have many more things yet to tick off on my bucket list.

In addition to travel, another passion of mine is fashion, I run a fashion blog called Fateful Fashion with one of my best friends/business partner Alexis in America, we post about fashion trends, fashion events, and last year I was fortunate enough to attend New York Fashion Week on behalf of the Australian Fashion Industry.

The story of Fateful Fashion is quite unique and extremely special, in 2012 I boarded the Titanic 100 year Memorial Cruise with my family, which left from Southampton and sailed into New York, crossing the Atlantic Ocean. I was in the buffet line when Alexis came up and said how she admired my bracelet (it was my medic alert ID), since then we became inseparable. We travelled through Canada, Ireland and New York together which started our fashion journey and a beautiful friendship.

Since, we have covered the Academy Awards live in LA, attended and covered Melbourne Fashion Week, Adelaide Fashion Festival, just to name a few, with further plans to expand Fateful Fashion incorporating an online store.

Our blog has given us so many amazing opportunities, ones we could only dream of. We have collaborated with designers, including Paolo Sebastian and created a collaboration t-shirt to raise money for the Leukaemia Foundation.

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A strong interest of mine is to raise awareness about charitable causes, in particular Type 1 Diabetes. Shortly after my diagnosis, I became a Youth Ambassador for JDRF; I decided that I could turn this into a positive and be a voice for all those going through something similar and at the same time raise awareness and educate others on what living with Type 1 Diabetes really entails.

As a Youth Ambassador, I got to travel to Parliament House in Canberra and talk to politicians about the importance of funding for those living with diabetes. In addition, I have given numerous speeches, including to an audience of students, doctors, educators and professionals on behalf of universities and hospitals.

I have also participated in community events and have since had involvement as Ambassador and Board Member of Diabetes Counseling Online and Type 1 Voice. Through my work with those organisations, I have raised over $40,000 for research development and have been honoured the title of Youth Ambassador of the Year (JDRF) twice and Order of Australia, which included my work with other charities. Recently I started a page called World Warriors with a few friends to share the importance of different charities and causes happening worldwide.

I still remember the day I got diagnosed — eight years ago my life changed forever and so did I.  My world was turned on its head and I quickly realised how precious life is and how grateful I am for mine. I remember the doctor telling me all the things I probably wouldn’t be able to do in my life and that just made me want to do them even more, which amped up my sense of adventure.

In addition to my passions including travel and fashion, I have created a healthy and happy lifestyle for myself. I keep as active as possible and there have been a few trial and errors with managing my diabetes with exercise and diet. I have had a few hypos mid-yoga pose, but I am determined to become my healthiest-self possible. A few years ago I was diagnosed with Celiac as well, which meant another big change in my lifestyle and at times I think it is harder to manage than Type 1 diabetes, but this change has been one for the better. I have opted for healthy eating options and have taken a keen interest in cooking.

I am incredibly lucky to also have the two most supportive parents a girl could ask for (they have made me feel safe and capable at a time when I was struck by fear,) as well as for a group of extremely supportive friends who have now become diabetes experts themselves.

Don’t get me wrong, life isn’t all Fashion Parades and Plane Trips; it still has its ups and downs, but I know that nothing is impossible. One of my idols in life is Audrey Hepburn and I live by her quote, ‘Nothing is Impossible, the word itself says I’m Possible’.  

A Cinderella Story — A T1D Pursues Shoe Design with Mentors from Vogue by Shelene Knisley.

Georgia Rose Hall

Georgia Rose Hall lives beyond by bettering herself everyday, living a healthy lifestyle and pushing the boundaries and proving that Type 1 diabetes won't stop her from achieving her dreams. She's travelled through South Africa and whitewater rafted in Zimbabwe, swam with the sharks in Port Lincoln and has hiked to the top of the Cape of Good Hope in Cape Town. She's participated in the walk to cure, is a part of the Type 1 voice committee and was a youth ambassador for 5 years, where she gave speeches to students and educators on behalf of the hospital and universities. She's always strived to raise awareness about the daily struggles of Type 1 and has raised over $40,000 for research development, and as a result was awarded Order of Australia for her charity involvement.