Announcing SafeSittings – Now a Program of Beyond Type 1


Explore SafeSittings – now a program of Beyond Type 1! Find a babysitter who knows Type 1 diabetes at SafeSittings, or offer your time for a T1D family!

Beyond Type 1 is thrilled to announce that we are combining forces with SafeSittings, a digital service aimed at matching babysitters who understand Type 1 diabetes with families in need. SafeSittings will operate as a program of Beyond Type 1.

Finding a babysitter for a child with Type 1 diabetes can be a difficult task. Caregivers are tasked with high-stakes decision making around food, insulin dosing, and activity level to keep T1D kiddos safe and healthy – handing that off to a babysitter can feel intimidating, or even impossible. That’s where SafeSittings comes in: SafeSittings matches babysitters who live with Type 1 diabetes themselves to parents and families looking for a caregiver that understands the condition, providing peace of mind and valuable community connection.

Beyond Type 1 is proud to bring SafeSittings to the Type 1 diabetes community in new and exciting ways. We’re building on the vision of Kimberly Ross, who founded the service in 2003, as a teen. Using a grassroots approach, Kimberly created a network of other teens with T1D in NYC who had the needed experience to babysit for children with T1D, and SafeSittings grew from there.

Beyond Type 1 will operate SafeSittings with the support of program sponsor Insulet, the makers of Omnipod. According to Shacey Petrovic, President & COO, Insulet Corporation, “this sponsorship is perfectly aligned with Insulet’s mission to reduce the burden for people and their families living with diabetes. One of the key resources that will be available to families on the SafeSittings website is the Smart Sitters educational guide, developed by Insulet, that parents and caregivers can use to inform and educate those caring for their children with diabetes.”  Check out the “The Smart Sitters” educational resource for families and sitters, which is now available to all on the SafeSittings site.

Find a babysitter who knows Type 1 diabetes at SafeSittings, or offer your time for a T1D family!