The Beyond Type 1 2016 Gift Guide!

WRITTEN BY: Mary Lucas

Here it is: the Beyond Type 1 Gift Guide 2016 edition! Whether you are looking for the perfect present for the Type 1 in your life, or you are just looking to treat yourself, you’ll love our curated list of some of the latest and greatest products that make managing life with Type 1 just a little easier. Happy shopping!


Your devices don’t have to be boring, jazz them up with Pump Peelz (1)! These are custom skins for a variety of diabetes devices including pumps, CGMs, meters and more. You’ll find a huge variety of ever-changing colors and designs, and you can even create custom Peelz using the easy design-it-yourself tool!

Bum pancreas got you feeling a little upset? This happy pancreas keychain from I Heart Guts (2) will bring you joy every time you look at it. Now how can you be mad at a face like that?

One of our favorite funny T1D ladies is bringing her humor to you! Libby from I Have the Sugars (3)  has some of the punniest-puns and cutest Type 1 tee’s that you’ll love to rock. Just click the “Sugars Shop” link on her website!

Medical ID’s are a staple for any T1D, but that doesn’t mean they need to be plain! From bracelets to necklaces and more, Lauren’s Hope (4) has an ID for everyone. There are a huge variety of medical ID jewelry for all ages and genders, with everything from a more traditional and simple bracelet to bracelets with beads, leather accents, cuffs, necklaces, jelly bracelets, even anklets. Now you can feel stylish and secure!

Perfect for the active T1D, SPIBelts (5), or “small personal item” belts are ideal for carrying supplies like meters, low supplies, cgms, or even an insulin pump when you’re on the go! These discreet, expandable belts snugly keep your supplies close to you, and don’t slide up and down or move around too much during physical activity. There is even a hole specifically for pump tubing, so handy!

Say goodbye to those plain, black nylon BG meter cases, and hello to Myabetic! (6) Diabetes supply bags don’t need to be boring. Between the adorable animal bags like that dinosaur, stylish everyday options like the Banting or Clemens styles, and innovative and chic evening bags like the Marie Crossbody, Myabetic has something for everyone and every occasion!

Have you met the adorable Beyond Type 1 Snail Mail Mascot, Percy the Snail?! (7) He’s cute, he’s cuddly, and he’s got an insulin pump! Named Percy for perseverance, something all T1D’s need to have, he is the perfect plushy companion. Scoot on over to the Shop section of our website to pick up your Percy, and if you aren’t a part of the Snail Mail Club, what are you waiting for?! Come join the fun here!

Celebrate your DiaBadAss self in this empowering beanie from Type One Type Happy (8). If a beanie isn’t your style, fear not, there are DiaBadAss shirts and beanies with other cute slogans.

Poppy Medical ID (9) just recently launched, and it was founded by a T1D! Sarah was constantly on the hunt for a small, discreet medical ID bracelet that was still beautiful, classy and sleek. But after coming up short, she decided to make her own! These delicate-looking but durable bracelets come in six minimal, chic styles, a variety of high-quality metals, and are available for both adults and tots! As a bonus, you’ll feel great that you are supporting a young T1D entrepreneur!

Having trouble keeping your pump or cgm sites on? Try Grif Grips! (10) These sticky patches come in a huge selection of colors, shapes and sizes, and help secure devices such as CGMs and Pumps to the wearers skin while protecting against wear and tear. You can customize the inside cut so the patch can fit around your Dexcom sensor, pump connection, or OmniPod view window!

The Genteel Lancing Device (11) uses vacuum technology to draw the perfect drop of test blood every time. The unique spring shaft makes testing less painful, and you can even test on multiple parts of your body with ease. The Genteel comes in a variety of colors and includes adorable stickers to personalize with!

If you haven’t seen the trailer for The Human Trial documentary, you are missing out! Currently in production, The Human Trial is documenting ViaCyte’s embryonic stem cell trial. ViaCyte’s trial is the third ever embryonic stem cell trial in the US, and sixth ever in the world. It is also one of the first feature documentaries to be made on diabetes. Artist Shepard Fairey (who is also a T1D) designed The Human Trial poster (12), and created 400 limited edition, numbered and signed prints that are for sale. Get your print here and feel warm and fuzzy knowing that the profits from that print go directly to supporting the film! If you want to know more about The Human Trial, check out our article!

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