Beyond Type 1 Funding Model


Organization Note (7/15/2020): the Beyond Type 1 Team is actively working on improvements to this page to include a consolidated list of all partnerships, and to provide our community with more insight into who, how, and why we partner – both with sponsors and other organizations. We hope to have this update completed in the very near future.


Operational Expenses + Donations 

Beyond Type 1 is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt nonprofit organization, under charitable ID #47-3336640. 100% of operational expenses of Beyond Type 1 are covered by our Executive Board, Founding Friends, and select corporate partners in an effort to maximize the impact of community support and enhance transparency. 

100% of donations from the community directly fund Beyond Type 1’s portfolio of platforms, programs and grants, making a direct and immediate impact in the lives of people living with Type 1 diabetes. 


Corporate Partners 

In addition to the support of individual donors, Beyond Type 1 partners with corporations and organizations to support platforms and programs. Corporate support is disclosed in all cases. 

Program Sponsors 

Corporate and organizational sponsors help make specific Beyond Type 1 programs possible. Program sponsorships are always disclosed on parent program web pages, and any partner integrations into programs make clear the nature of the partnership. 

Content Partnerships 

Beyond Type 1 partners with organizations with the agreement to publish educational content relevant to that partner over the course of the partnership. The subject matter of the content is mutually agreed upon by Beyond Type 1 and our partners. Beyond Type 1 maintains full editorial control of all content published on our platforms. Beyond Type 1 will always disclose content that mentions a partner, and whether or not that content was created as part of a partnership. News coverage by the Beyond Type 1 team is operated independently from any content partnerships. 


Conflicts of Interest 

The Beyond Type 1 Board of Directors abide by a Conflict of Interest policy that is reviewed annually. The Beyond Type 1 Conflict of Interest policy, along with annual tax filings and audited financial statements are available by request.


Questions about this policy should be directed to