Bike Beyond: The Documentary Screenings


For a limited time only – host Bike Beyond – The Documentary to a screen near you! Beyond Type 1 is offering YOU the opportunity to share this extraordinary, inspiring film with your community. So whether you partner with a local theatre or school, show the film at your diabetes camp (it is appropriate for all ages!), or pop up an outdoor screen and enjoy under the stars with friends and family – this film will have you on your feet cheering for the incredible individuals who forged an unbreakable bond and overcame countless obstacles.

Narrated by actor and Type 1 Victor Garber, the documentary follows Team Bike Beyond, 20 amateur cyclists living with Type 1 diabetes, on their epic 4200 mile adventure across America. From NYC to Nashville to Denver to California – through rainstorms and windstorms, battling lows and achieving new highs, the team’s journey inspired thousands and changed them individually and collectively as they became #OneTeamOneFamily.

With special appearances by Nick Jonas, Sam Talbot, Crystal Bowersox, Eric Pasley and Love + Theft.

Directed by Neil Greathouse, includes an original soundtrack available on Spotify + iTunes.

What people are saying about the film …

“As a diabetic, this film makes me feel so much stronger. It really helped me see the potential i can have living with type 1 diabetes and that you can do anything you want. Diabetes is not something that is going to stop you.” – Kristina (camper at Ho Mita Koda)

“People were so fascinated to learn about what Type 1 takes the whole summer.” – Abbey B.

“I just cried non-stop — it is awesome! I am feeling so emotional and so grateful that things like this are in (my daughter’s) life. – Jane K.

“The documentary was incredibly well done. Victor Garber’s narration was fantastic – smooth and clear without taking attention away from what was happening onscreen – and the visuals were beautiful. I liked how footage from the riders’ GoPro cameras was incorporated so viewers could get an accurate representation of their perspectives from the bikes. It made me appreciate the physical intensity of the ride that much more, because diabetes aside, cycling such a long distance filled with rocky roads and steep inclines is extremely demanding on the body.” – Molly J.

Read Molly’s story Bike Beyond the Documentary: An Emotional, Climactic Experience

How it Works

You will receive the rights and use of the film for one free public screening, plus a host kit that includes print and digital materials for publicizing your event. We’ll also send Beyond Type 1 swag, woohoo!

Want to Host a Fundraiser?

If you would like to host your Bike Beyond Screening as a fundraiser for Beyond Type 1, awesome! You will receive an enhanced host kit as well as a page on the Beyond Type 1 Bike Beyond Screenings Fundraising page here. You also have the option to be listed on the Beyond Type 1 Events page.


  1. Fill out the form below to reserve your date + host kit
  2. Set up your fundraising page here if applicable
  3. Reach out to if you need any assistance
  4. Download shareable materials to promote screening
  5. Get ready to receive your swag!


  1.  Where should I host this? We recommend reaching out to any local theaters or venues in your area to see if they would be interested in helping out. You can host a screening at a University or School Lecture Hall, a library or community center, a gym, a sports stadium lounge, a park or open space or even your own backyard! Members of our community have also found success hosting at their local REI stores – if you have one around you, ask them!
  2. What format is the film available in? The film is available in DVDs formatted for the United States and Canada, or via an online password-protected link. If you are from outside the U.S. / Canada and would like a DVD, please email us and we will work with you. The film is not available in DCP.
  3.  Can I sign-up even if I don’t have a date yet? Yes! We will just need you to confirm a time, date and location before we can send out your film + swag.
  4. Does Beyond Type 1 provide funding for screenings? No, we don’t provide funds for venue rentals or other expenses, but we will be happy to support your event with promotion. We suggest you look at partnering with university health centers, or applying for grants from on campus organizations or local community centers that support educational efforts.
  5. Is this film appropriate for all ages? YES! This film is appropriate for young children and those of all ages. Please reach out if you have specific questions about this.

Be sure to visit the BikeBeyond page to get to know the riders, more details about the ride and how this team changed thousands of lives including their own.



Photos from Screenings