How You’re Celebrating the Holidays Safely in 2020


Editor’s Note: We have a simple goal: tap into the power of the global diabetes community to save lives. Learn more about what you can do as a person with diabetes to keep yourself and others safe from COVID-19 until we’re all safe.

We can probably all agree that not much this year could be considered “normal,” and unfortunately the holidays are no exception. We are finding ourselves tasked with the responsibility of being extra cautious and making sacrifices to safely celebrate and connect with others during this time.

That’s why we asked YOU about the unique and creative ways you are all planning to engage with family, loved ones, and the T1D community for the remainder of the 2020 holiday season, while still keeping health and safety a priority.

Here are some of your answers:

You’re celebrating a little differently

  • Staying home and celebrating only with immediate family
  • Hosting socially distant cocktail hours with one or two neighbors
  • Having festive Zoom parties, i.e.: cookie decorating or building gingerbread houses
  • Taking nature drives
  • Getting creative with holiday decorations – this is the year that anything goes!

You’re staying connected with loved ones from afar

  • Having lots of FaceTime and Zoom calls with out-of-town family and friends
  • Sharing photos and videos of your holiday fun on social media
  • Creating homemade gifts for loved ones that are far away
  • Attending virtual group classes with friends and family
  • Organizing book clubs

You’re helping your community through safe volunteer opportunities

  • Sending personalized cards to those in the community
  • Doing virtual coaching and mentoring
  • Donating money to local food banks, and coming up with creative ways to solicit donations on social media
  • Dropping off holiday meal baskets to neighbors in need
  • Sponsoring families in need
  • Volunteering for distress centers via phone and online

You’re keeping busy at home

  • Learning lots of new skills – painting, learning an instrument, photography
  • Getting creative with home exercises, and taking your dogs for lots of long walks
  • TONS of cooking and baking
  • Reading lots of books (but somehow never getting through your TBR (to be read) lists)
  • Learning new card games and puzzles
  • Redecorating and organizing your space
  •  Journaling – looking back on this time will be interesting, to say the least!
  • Establishing mindful routines i.e.: morning meditation, yoga, and affirmations

We know 2020 has been incredibly difficult; there is power in community to get through this together. The holidays are a great time to connect with others through the Beyond Type 1 community app, which you can access via browser, iOS, or Android. Connect with other people living with and impacted by diabetes, just like you.

WRITTEN BY The Beyond Type 1 Team, POSTED 12/17/20, UPDATED 12/17/20

This piece was authored collaboratively by the Beyond Type 1 Team.