Communicate with Parents in College/University


College is about expanding your world intellectually, emotionally, socially and for some physically, if this is a first time away from home. It is about learning to balance all of these components, much as you will in your life after college. For kids with Type 1, college often presents a tremendous shift away from your parents managing your day-to-day care to being truly on your own. This is both relieving and exponentially more stressful for your parents — as they will have to work hard to let go in an even greater way than other parents. Be patient with their worries, throw them a text or call every once in a while so they know you are okay. These little courtesies can really make the day of someone learning too — learning that you can manage your life and navigate your diabetes in the wild, just like millions of others do each day. Don’t forget to study, but don’t forget to have fun too. Check out the Family Communication Contract from the College Diabetes Network to help set the groundwork for this transition.


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