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Editor’s Note: Get continuous updates about the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and read up on #BigLittleChanges you can make to keep your community safe.

Update 3/17: The DDRC issued this update, which includes information about state-level emergency orders and prescription refill waivers.

On March 12, the Diabetes Disaster Response Coalition (DDRC) circulated an update to coalition members in response to coronavirus (COVID-19). The DDRC works to provide important information and support in natural disasters and events like this and to serve the needs of those with diabetes in times of crisis. COVID-19 has spread throughout much of the world and many questions remain about it will affect people with diabetes specifically in the months to come, but understanding the guidance from local, state and national health authorities is an important step towards ensuring you and your family are as prepared as possible. 

The DDRC has effectively moved into phase two of its plan of action in response to COVID-19. Phase one involved monitoring briefings from federal agencies and working to understand the direct impact on the lives of those with diabetes. As the situation escalated, the DDRC opted on Monday to put forth a plan of response and initiate phase two. 

Immediate actions being taken by the DDRC include: 

  • In some states, people with diabetes can receive emergency prescription refills when a state of emergency has been declared. The DDRC is monitoring and supporting medication access and the situation in states that have declared emergency, including where people can receive emergency refills → updates will be posted at
  • Updating the ADA’s 1-800-DIABETES hotline with up to date information and sharing resources for access in the face of financial hardship like
  • Communicating with other response organizations and monitoring the supply chain for possible gaps in available diabetes supplies (currently, none expected)

As the entire world faces one of the worst pandemics of recent times, we have to make sure the diabetes community is educated and prepared for any possible issues,” said Mila Ferrer, Program Manager at Beyond Type 1 and liaison to the DDRC. “The DDRC’s mission is to ensure people living with diabetes have the necessary resources and information before, during and after any disaster. Although COVID-19 is not a natural disaster, it does impact us all directly and we want to be able to provide the vital information our community needs.”

The DDRC will continue to monitor current situations in declared states of emergency and what the availability of emergency prescription refills looks like. They are also working to understand more how insurance coverage works in situations like this. 

Other helpful resources: 

Contact information for insulin and pump manufacturers:

    • Lilly: 800-545-5979
    • Sanofi: 800-633-1610
    • Novo Nordisk: 800-727-6500
    • Insulet (Omnipod): 800-591-3455
    • Dexcom: 888-738-3646
    • Medtronic: 800-633-8766
    • Tandem Diabetes Care: 877-801-6901

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