Dexcom Acquires TypeZero Technologies, Including inControl Algorithm


Editor’s Note: This is a breaking news piece that will be updated as additional information becomes available. Last updated 3:22pm PT August 22, 2018.

Dexcom announced today that it has acquired TypeZero Technologies, Inc. or “TypeZero”. Most notably, this acquisition includes the inControl technology developed to automatically adjust and regulate the delivery of insulin. TypeZero’s inControl is the algorithm developed with the University of Virginia for use on future closed-loop systems that will work with a CGM and insulin pump (or smart pens) to automate insulin delivery.

As a leader in CGM technology, Dexcom is making a groundbreaking move in acquiring closed-loop algorithm technology. Dexcom sees this as “an opportunity to lead the market for integrated systems for diabetes management.” Said Steve Pacelli, Dexcom’s Executive Vice President of Strategy & Corporate Development, in a press release.

In the future, Dexcom may offer customers not only the monitor that reads glucose levels, but also the algorithm that allows it to connect to a pump or smartpen. This comes on the heels of the Dexcom G6 release in early Summer 2018 – the first FDA approved “interoperable” CGM allowed for use with insulin pumps to make dosing decisions.

Dexcom announced that it expects to support the first commercial launch of an automated insulin delivery system using the inControl algorithm in 2019.


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