Are You A DIABADASS? – The Diabadass Tour

WRITTEN BY: Cassidy Robinson + Erik Douds


We knew leaving our corporate jobs and expensive apartments in New York City to travel the country on bicycles would be adventurous.

We knew we would meet interesting people along the way.

We knew it would test our bodies and our management.

We didn’t know that the summer of 2017 would make us DIABADASSES.

So we’re going on tour.

From January 10 to June 20, we’ll be traveling from California to New York City to meet as many DIABADASSES as possible. We want to tell your stories and we want you to take insight from ours. We want you to join us as we continue to adventure.

We’ll be speaking with local chapters of the College Diabetes Network, competing alongside Diabetes Sports Project athletes at races, touring medical facilities and standing alongside parent advocates as Beyond Type 1 expands its DKA Campaign across the U.S.

We need your help to make the DIABADASS TOUR awesome and there are plenty of ways you can be involved:

1. Host us in your home and we can bolus for breakfast … and lunch … and snacks … and dinner together
2. Sit for a portrait and interview so we can share your story with other T1Ds
3. Take us out to your favorite rock climbing spot and laugh as we fumble around on the rock
4. Introduce us to the members of your local T1D support network
5. Choose a race, start your training program and let us know how we can join your team

Follow for our location, videos from the road and to fill out our contact form so we can add you as our next stop! We’re also on instagram @imadiabadass!

Erik Douds is the founder of Diabetes Abroad. He spent 5 months and 6,000 miles bike touring the TransAmerica Trail and the west coast from Vancouver, B.C. to Long Beach, CA. While on the TransAmerica trail he completed the New York City Triathlon and hiked the North Coast Trail as a member of Connected in Motion’s Adventure Team.

Cassidy Robinson cycled across 15 states as a rider and logistics coordinator on Beyond Type 1’s Team Bike Beyond. She met with hundreds of T1Ds and their families along the route and is featured in the full-length documentary film about the ride, Bike Beyond – The Documentary. At the completion of the ride she moved into a tent in the Sierra Nevada mountain range and hiked for 40 days.