Diabetes Empowerment Summit 2017


What is the Diabetes Empowerment Summit? 

Last year, we hosted our inaugural, free to attend, 100 percent online event, and the positive feedback we received from our three thousand + attendees from all over the world about how the presentations changed their lives for the better was mind-blowing.

Starting on November 1, this online summit is like getting to attend a big diabetes conference that has some of the most high caliber speakers out there, without having to pay for conference fees and travel costs, or needing to take time off work.

How will The Diabetes Empowerment Summit benefit you?

All the presenters share their best tools, systems, frameworks, lessons and more on HOW they put living in an empowered mindset with diabetes into practice, HOW they cultivate confidence in their day to day choices living with diabetes, and also what they teach their patients, clients, readers and followers in that same regard!

Some of the awesome presenters you will see on the summit, who you may have seen right here on Beyond Type 1, include Sierra Sandison, Chris Ruden, Rodney Miller, Rachel Zinman and so many more!

Starting on November 1 and continuing for five days, you can pick and choose the sessions that are meaningful to you and enjoy them from the comfort of your home computer, laptop, or tablet or from any location with your mobile device.

Why am I (and all the presenters) so passionate about creating this resource? 

The reality of traditional healthcare when it comes to living with diabetes (all types) is that the mental and emotional sides of life with chronic disease are almost NEVER addressed, causing many people to feel alone and unsure of how to best handle the demands of the countless daily choices that are required just to maintain a relatively ordinary lifestyle with diabetes. Without adequate support and guidance, these constant necessities can lead to stress and depression.

Further, resources covering HOW to cultivate the habits and practices that will allow us not only to build a strong, solid emotional foundation to build the rest of our lives on, but those same tools that we need to lean on when we are experiencing difficult times/burnout, are not offered at the doctor’s office.

Without these CRUCIAL tools and practices, we are left to figure it all out on our own. 

The tools and strategies that you will learn at the Diabetes Empowerment Summit are the same ones that helped me throughout my personal journey from obesity and being clinically depressed with an eating disorder while being out of control with my type 1 diabetes management all through my teens.

After years of struggling, I finally figured it out.

I realized it was my mindset and choices that were leading me down a dark path … and if I made healthier, more empowering choices and changed my perspectives, I could have the life I desired and deserved.

I became so incredibly passionate about understanding the human mind and body that I became a nutritionist, a personal trainer and a diabetes coach in order to stay strong on my journey to help myself and others create a quality of health and life that make us feel empowered, confident, happy and healthy.

That is why I am so passionate about creating and sharing The Diabetes Empowerment Summit with you, and making sure it’s a free resource for everyone …

Because it is a tool that I wish I had when I was struggling, and I want to help bridge the gap between traditional healthcare, and the emotional tools we all need but are not given at the doctor’s office.

How to register for the Diabetes Empowerment Summit!

Registration takes less than a minute to complete, so don’t hold off and forget, go now! Register today.

After you register, you’ll get immediate access to the brand new Diabetes Empowerment Handbook that I created just for this event. It’s an invaluable, easy-to-follow guide for helping you step into your personal power around your diabetes management choices and mindset.

Then, share the event with your network, and mark your calendars for November 1 when the summit officially kicks off!

I’m looking forward to learning, growing and paying it forward to the diabetes community, together!

Download the Diabetes Empowerment Summit Media Kit.

WRITTEN BY Daniele Hargenrader, POSTED 10/20/17, UPDATED 08/04/23

Daniele Hargenrader, founder of Diabetes Dominator Coaching, is a diabetes expert, nutritionist, health coach, bestselling author, international speaker and certified personal trainer. She helps individuals from all walks of life to think, eat and move in ways that allow them to achieve a quality of health and life they previously thought unattainable, and turn adversity into advantage. She has presented at Fortune 100 companies and top ranked hospitals, and has dedicated herself to teaching people how to live the life they imagined and not let diabetes get in the way through optimal health and our power or choice. Visit her website at http://diabetesdominator.com.