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Beyond Type 1’s DKA Awareness Campaign has landed in Argentina! Thousands of people are currently living with Type 1 diabetes in Argentina and many are in the life-threatening state of DKA upon diagnosis.

From the beginning days of Beyond Type 1, the problem of DKA has been one that we wanted to solve. Our CEO & Co-Founder’s open letter on the topic in September of 2015 has been shared thousands of times. Our first T1D Warning Signs campaign put thousands of flyers into schools across the country. These efforts have been good, but at the end of the day, they were the equivalent of dangling our feet in the water.

We ultimately built a campaign that featured digital newsletter announcements, physical mailings of posters and print collateral, and an online portal with more information and resources. Since the October 2016 launch in Pennsylvania, the campaign has been distributed in the US in 18 states to over 22,000 pediatric offices, serving 90 million patients annually. In March 2018, in partnership with the Asociación Civil sin fines de lucro que trabaja en favor de Niños, Jóvenes y Adultos que viven con Diabetes en Argentina CUI.D.AR, we join efforts to increase education and awareness of the symptoms and dangers of Diabetic Ketoacidosis in this country. CUI.D.AR was created thanks to the initiative, the concern and the need of parents of children with diabetes. All of us are crossed and we experience diabetes day by day, who if not we ourselves would work in favor of other children, who like our children live with this chronic condition.

CUI.D.AR is a non-profit Civil Association that works on behalf of Children, Youth and Adults living with Diabetes. Their efforts focus on minimizing the impact of diabetes on people's lives, through prevention, awareness and social awareness, defense of rights, education and full integration into society.

Its intervention affects the quality of treatment, education, better access to better care and the general well-being of the person with this chronic condition, their family and their environment. CUI.D.AR also creates social awareness about this condition.

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Warning signs of Type 1

Video PSA

Download this PSA, featuring acclaimed actor and Type 1 diabetic Victor Garber, for use in your office or to share with staff & patients.

Audio Files

Download these files for use with your office’s on-hold system. The file, which features acclaimed actor and Type 1 diabetic Victor Garber, is available as a 15s and a 30s file.

Victor Garber Audio: 30s | 15s

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Special thanks

We’d like to thank the dozens of volunteers across the US and New Zealand who have helped and continue to help us reach pediatricians and health care providers and their patients with Type 1 Warning Signs posters and materials.

Special thanks to Liliana Tieri, Founding Director and the internal work team of Asociación Civil sin fines de lucro que trabaja en favor de Niños, Jóvenes y Adultos que viven con Diabetes en Argentina CUI.D.AR for their interest and work for the launch of the campaign in Argentina.