Do-It-Yourself Fundraisers

We love all the creative ways our supporters are engaging friends, family and their communities to raise funds for Beyond Type 1. Because our Leadership + Founding Friends pay all operational costs, 100% of every dollar you raise and donate to Beyond Type 1 will go directly to the most promising efforts and programs working to educate, advocate and cure Type 1.

Want to donate your birthday or diaversary? Host a dance-a-thon? Do a mustache growing funndraiser? Donate in honor of someone? Add a charity angle to your sports event?

You can do all of that and more through our DIY Fundraising Platform!



Beyond Type 1 x Aidbox 

Turn your e-mail signature into a tool for advocacy and fundraising for Type 1 diabetes. Use Aidbox to make every e-mail you send a way to give back to Beyond Type 1. More info and sign-up here



Below are fun, clever ideas for adults, teens, kids and families to be generous, get crafty, and get moving – with minimal organization and supplies – we even have sleek downloadable signs, banners and forms available for your use. Whatever you do, we hope you will tweet about it, share your pictures on social media and tag us (@beyondtype1) or drop us a line. We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Check out our Spotlight on Fundraisers to see what the Type 1 community is up to and how they are contributing to Beyond Type 1.



Give up your birthday, holiday or special occasion, and you and your friends will have more to celebrate. We know it (your birthday, graduation, Kwanza, etc.) comes just once a year, but encourage your friends to donate to the cause rather than buy you a gift. This redirection of generosity will not only raise funds and bring awareness to the disease, but it will make you and your gift giver feel amazing. Trust us!



Host a bake sale or lemonade or sugar-free lemonade* stand, using our signs or banners to make your “charity” status known. Feel like getting crafty? Make and sell friendship bracelets, greeting cards or other crafts to raise funds. This is a great way to get the kids involved and really make them a part of the campaign. Whatever the good is, it’ll feel all the more personal when it’s made by hand. Setup your campaign here!

*For a sugar-free lemonade stand option, our friends at Leaf & Love have the perfect organic, zero-sugar, naturally-sweetened lemonade.  Order via Amazon Smile and use the code BEYONDT1 at check out to receive a Beyond Type 1 Ambassador discount.


Whatever skills you have, put them to use! Whatever needs there are in your community, meet them. For a donation, you can provide a service such as washing cars, walking dogs, mowing lawns, raking leaves or babysitting. It can be a group task or individual. Either way, you’re making a two-fold contribution. Setup a service campaign here!


BT1-SERVICES-MOVINGFind an activity that gets your heart pumping and ask all your friends and family to join. You could organize a race, hike, dance-a-thon or hula-hoop-off — just make sure you’re moving or grooving. Doing something physical is a great way to promote health as well as generate feelings of positivity, assertiveness and accomplishment. Push forward to a cure, and setup a sports fundraiser today!


BT1-SERVICES-COINSThis is incredibly easy! Print out our wrapper and attach it to a jar to collect spare change. These coin jars can be placed anywhere and everywhere and will be even more effective if you add our informational sign nearby. Bring it to the office or organize a school-wide change competition, with jars in each classroom. Get permission from small businesses where people frequently pay with cash to place a jar near the register for change or tips, if employees want to give up for a day. Encourage friends to collect all the coins lurking in their car, junk drawer and under sofa cushions – you’ll be doing them a favor taking them off their hands. Put one up in your home – you’ll be surprised how much change you amass in a short time.  And as they say, “every little bit helps,” and it certainly adds up. You can make big changes with small gestures, so start collecting that rarely-used and bulky currency.


You can also raise money just by shopping online! If you’re an Amazon customer in the US, enjoy the same shopping experience at Amazon Smile with the added bonus that .5% of your eligible purchases will go to Beyond Type 1.

All you have to do is select Beyond Type1 as your charity of choice and please share with those in your world who would want to support education, advocacy and cure research.


Whether you raise $1 or thousands, know that you are an important part of the Beyond Type 1 Community, helping to change the world for people living with Type 1!