First 30 Days

Welcome to Beyond Type 1’s First 30 Days Resources page! On this page you’ll find the following:

  • Guides for T1D management
  • Personal stories (written about diagnosis as well as family support)
  • The Type1Day1 film project
  • Online support systems in the Beyond Type 1 community
  • Additional resources



Diagnosis stories

These honest accounts of a Type 1 diagnosis are written by people who have gone through it. They understand the wide range of emotions that one experiences — denial, anger, fear and grief. You might be just beginning your journey with this new reality, but others have gone before you and their stories can only help light the way.  

Family support stories

This set of stories are written by loved ones of those who are newly diagnosed. 



Neil Greathouse teamed up with Beyond Type 1 to produce this short film, Type1Day1. A collaborative video project, the film brings together original footage from around the US, along with crowdsourced messages of hope (submitted by our #diabadass community!). Type1Day1 is a video for those experiencing their own first day, highlighting the strength of the T1D community that they are now a part of.


  • Released 11.14.15 #WorldDiabetesDay
  • Produced by NLC Creative & Beyond Type 1
  • Directed by Neil Greathouse



Remember, you are not alone! A great way to find support and get your questions answered is to look to the incredible Diabetes Online Community. Connect with others who have T1D or have been affected by it in our app. You can read current news, scientific studies and personal accounts there, on our social media channels (FacebookTwitterDaily Instagram) or website. Get advice from how to treat a low blood sugar to how to introduce Type 1 at work — the topics are endless on how Type 1 plays a part in every day life.  Join our Instagram wall and tell us how you are living beyond diagnosis alongside other inspirational T1Ds. Feeling more verbose? Tell us your story. You can even get a pen pal in our Snail Mail Club — comprised of T1Ds of all ages from around the globe.

Our website is full of useful guides and personal stories from all walks of life. You’ve just started, so try to not get too overwhelmed. Take it one day at a time! And don’t forget to give yourself a break — it’s a lot to take in. We know, because we’ve been there.


If you’re looking for information outside of Beyond Type 1, here are our recommendations –