Your First Step to Run Type One: An Interview with Craig Stubing

WRITTEN BY: Craig Kasper

Editor’s Note: This article and podcast were originally published on BRAVEST. Listen to Craig’s interview on the BRAVEST podcast below!

Check out Episode 031 of BRAVEST Podcast, an interview with Craig Stubing — one of the folks bringing you Type One Run and the man behind the podcast Beta Cell.

From Craig Kasper, creator of BRAVEST:

On the show today we have a guy who has been a central figure in the world of Type 1 diabetes for quite some time. Craig Stubing has injected his creativity into the T1 community through a number of projects including his very popular Beta Cell Podcast. As I mention to Craig in our conversation, it was actually his podcast that served as one of the inspirations for me to pick up the mic and share my voice through this very show.

In today’s episode, we discuss the most important lesson Craig learned early on in his life with diabetes. We also talk about lessons we can all learn from the parents of T1D kids, and how, if we take a moment to tap into it, creativity can serve us when it comes to optimizing our own care.

Craig also shares the story and purpose behind the nonprofit running organization he started with James Mansfield, called Type One Run. Craig shares his belief that taking that first step, while it might be the hardest for many people, it’s the most impressive and most important for our ultimate success in health, wellness and life. And he also explains how he is inspired by everyday people simply living their lives each day with Type 1.

This is a special conversation with the intent to inspire and motivate anyone out there questioning their own ability to get out and create a better life with diabetes. What we learn in this interview with Craig, is that often, it’s simply just putting one foot in front of the other.

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Craig Kasper

Craig Kasper launched BRAVEST to understand what motivates each one of us to flip the switch and modify our behavior for the better. He was also driven by the possibilities of connecting with and learning from those who have reached higher levels of inner strength and wellness despite the obstacles they have faced. The ultimate goal is to educate, empower, and help others create the healthiest version of themselves regardless of what might fall across their path.