Fundraising is Fun: A DIY Fundraiser for T1D


Fundraising is fun!

I’m Paloma and I am on the Beyond Type 1 Global Ambassador Council. I love supporting Beyond Type 1 and their mission, so I commit to fundraising for them every year. There are many ways to fundraise and, as Sarah Lucas likes to say, “Fundraising should be fun!” I fundraise for type 1 diabetes every year, but this year I decided I wanted to shake things up and plan my own fundraiser. Beyond Type 1 makes it easy for you to plan a fundraiser big or small with their DIY Fundraising Downloads—every dollar makes a difference!

How it came together

I love shopping at my local Dermalogica in Scottsdale. With a simple ask, I reached out to them with the idea of holding an event at their store.

Even though they are not a diabetes-focused company, that doesn’t mean they don’t want to support those living with diabetes. They were more than happy to host a community event that would raise funds and awareness for diabetes.

Once we decided on a time and date, we started asking our friends and contacts to see who else would want to help make this event a big splash. Dermalogica contacted other beauty providers to see if they would donate their services.

Guess what? They were more than happy to. We had volunteers doing nails, facial sugaring, makeup and even a braid bar.

A helpful community

In addition to all the fun beauty services, the fun kept going with a photo booth and even a local radio station. One of the radio station managers happens to live with type 1 and when I asked her if she would offer support for this event, of course she said yes!

You never know who has a connection to type 1 or who would be interested in helping the cause. The world is full of people with big hearts.

I hope my fun little pop-up party gives you some inspiration for your own event. Remember that any effort (big or small) can make a difference.

WRITTEN BY Paloma Kemak, POSTED 12/18/18, UPDATED 11/03/22

Paloma was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes as an adult at the age of 23. Beginning a new lifestyle at an age where she thought she already knew it all was extremely difficult. From that point onward, it has been her mission to change the way people see diabetes and that’s how Glitter Glucose was born on Instagram and Youtube! Paloma shares her life as a type 1 diabetes (T1D) while simultaneously having a career in the fashion industry, traveling and volunteering with diabetic organizations in the community. You can find her online at or on instagram @glitterglucose.