Spotlighting Our Fundraisers


Check out what the Type 1 community is up to, and how they’re making contributions through fundraising activities!

Megan and her daughters make bracelets for those affected by several conditions. Megan lives with Bell’s Palsey herself and knows what life with chronic illness is like.

To support Beyond Type 1, they created the #OneBracelet—because it only takes one smile to change a day, one diagnosis to change a life and one step to make a difference.

Avery’s 3rd Annual Beyond Type One Jawbones vs. Sawbones Basketball Fundraiser raised over $12,000 for Beyond Type 1.
Avery Myatt + the Myatt Family hosted a basketball tournament, complete with a delicious BBQ dinner and a fun silent auction.
They had a great night with friends, family and members of the community coming out to support type 1.
Thank you to the Myatt family!



Breana Raquel, an actress and singer in Los Angeles, hosted an event that served as an EP release party and a type 1 diabetes fundraiser.

Breana celebrated the release of her first music project “Beginner’s Love” while raising money for Beyond Type 1.

She’d always planned to have a party to officially introduce herself as an artist, but being newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, she decided to use the opportunity to teach her peers about type 1 diabetes and to raise money for Beyond Type 1—over $500 total!



A community in Kissimmee, Florida called Bellalago—managed by Evergreen Lifestyles Management—has a very active Lifestyle and Fitness program.

The lifestyle director for this community, Amy Mallidner, was diagnosed with type 1 in November 2017, and said it only seemed right to her to honor our “Love Run” with an organization that has helped her tremendously!

It brought the community together, and many type 1s who were not familiar with Beyond Type 1 are now loving the support that they didn’t know they had—plus raising over $3,000 for Beyond Type 1!

Thank you, Amy!



The Kanderski Family raised over $3,000 fo Beyond Type 1 at their local fundraiser.

They had tremendous support from the local community, and were really pleased with the turn out—despite a 10-minute monsoon!

There were a lot of new faces that joined and stuck around for the duration of the event.

The food was sponsored by two major grocery store chains, close friends and family helped out, there were high school volunteers and Chelsea Frey performed for most of the night.

It was wonderful!


MINNESOTA – Amy Christie raised $9,000 through “Flossing for Type 1 Diabetes” in honor of her daughter Navi who has type 1 diabetes.



The Brzozowski Family (of Beyond Type 1’s Family Council) hosted a fabulous Jerry the Bear themed lunch to raise money for Beyond Type 1!

Both Vivian and Jerry Brzozowski have type 1 diabetes.

Thank you, Brzozowski family!

Learn more about Jerry here.



Barre3 Los Altos owners Victoria Bi and Cindy Chou dedicated four Barre classes to fundraise for Beyond Type 1.

Victoria was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2015 and wanted to give back to Beyond Type 1 in a fun, unique way.

Four donation-based classes took place on June 2, 2018, and brought in over $700 for Beyond Type 1! 



Hannah Grace, diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at only 11 months old, made Bath Bombs to benefit Beyond Type 1!

Hannah donated 20 percent of each purchase of the special “Unicorn” bath bomb to Beyond Type 1. 

Hannah calls her brand, BeYOUtiful because she believes that being beautiful means being yourself, no matter what challenges you endure.

Thank you, Hannah!



Holden G. sold fidget cubes he 3D printed at home to raise money for Beyond Type 1!

“We held a Holiday Market at my school and we had to pick a charity to raise money for,” said Holden. “I picked Beyond Type 1 because feel connected to it since my mom is a person with type 1 diabetes. I feel that type 1 diabetes doesn’t get as much attention and I wanted to raise money so that they maybe cure one day and because I love my mom.”

Holden’s cubes sold out and he raised $200 for Beyond Type 1!

His school was so impressed with his hard work, connection to the charity and creative product that he was asked to present in front of a group of parents. 



Leonor was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes on December 9, 2016.

The first decision she made in her hospital room was “Be stronger than diabetes. Never let it limit me. Live my life to the fullest.”

One week later, Leonor ran a 10k, and nine months later, she signed up for a half-marathon to raise awareness and funds for Beyond Type 1.

“Running a half marathon emerged as a personal challenge that would help me raise awareness and fight diabetes,” said Leonor. “I am proud to take up the challenge for Beyond Type 1. This is a cause close to my heart. I have decided to run a half-marathon to raise awareness, to destroy stereotypes and to inspire other type 1s.”

Leonor raised $500 for Beyond Type 1!



Beyond Type 1 Ambassador JJ and her walk team “JJ’ Mod Squad” had a fabulous day at their local walk.

With custom designed shirts from Beyond Type 1, the team looked great.

From decorated Omnipods to Frenchie friends, it was a day of fun!

JJ has raised $3,720 so far and she’s still going! Thanks JJ!



Alicia Kee put on a wonderful variety show to benefit Beyond Type 1!

Beyond the Curtain was a huge success and they were able to raise $3,313.00!

The show was stacked with talented performers from musicians to dancers and even comedians!

The evening included a raffle draw with goodies from The Sugars, Bottoms Up Yoga, Tim Fuchs Photography, Other Half Brewery, quip and more!

The show was sold out and they were able to raise more than five times the original goal!

Nice work, and thanks Alicia!




Beyond Type 1 Ambassador JJ sold homemade Slime at her local Farmers Market to raise money for Beyond Type 1.

JJ and her family spread the message of Beyond Type 1 while selling Slime.

I want to do this all the time,” said JJ. “Everyone needs to know about type 1. I am so passionate about spreading information about this auto-immune disease and I will tell anyone who will listen. I loved how some girls from school came to my booth and learned things they didn’t know about type 1.”

Overall, JJ raise $245 in Slime sales, and even met a few other awesome type 1s!



Friends and Family came together to celebrate Michael Ameno at Hoops for Hope!

Michael was diagnosed in March of 2014 and started playing basketball on a new team that Sept. 

His friend Zack Tosic was always amazed at how Michael would manage his condition by checking his blood sugar and drinking his juice when he felt low. 

He would tell his mom how brave his friend was and he always wanted to do something to honor him. 

When Zack’s mom Michele became involved with the Kiwanis organization he knew he wanted to put together an event for Michael. 

His teammates and friends and family came together for this special day.  The children coached the adults in a friendly basketball game.

There was also open play time for all and a contest for the kids who came out. 

In a few short hours, we were able to have fun, raise funds and most of all raise awareness.


JVivian and mom Samantha fundraised alongside Team Bike Beyond!

They had some awesome, creative ideas, including a signed Sam Talbot cookbook and a s’mores event!

“My friend hand wrote the s’mores menu,” said Samantha. “My neighbor made the wine glasses, and the wine is Delaney Blue.”

Thank you for your amazing work + fundraising efforts! 



Friends, family and bar regulars came together to celebrate Aimee Frantzen’s 6th diaversary at Flagship Tavern and Grill.

While attendees enjoyed a happy hour and raffle, they were able to raise close to $600 at the event itself and donations are still trickling in from friends and family who couldn’t attend.

They had such a great time raising money for an amazing cause!



After Beyond Type 1 Ambassador Caroline gave an educational presentation about type 1 diabetes to her class at Lake Highland Preparatory School, the student council was so inspired they put on a bake sale!

They successfully raised over $600 for Beyond Type 1.

Thank you, Caroline and Like Highland. It is always a great day when we can both educate and raise funds for a cure!


bt1-poster-myattABERNATHY, TEXAS

Avery’s Jawbones vs. Sawbones Basketball Fundraiser raised an amazing $7500 in one night!

A team of local doctors faced off on the court against the team of lawyers. The Myatts also held a silent auction to help raise funds. The event focused on raising awareness for the warning signs of type 1 diabetes to help prevent diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA). Read more here!




October 2016—The Families Fighting type 1 group hosted a bbq on October 23, 2016 to help Beyond Type 1 in Revlon’s LOVE IS ON campaign. Proceeds will go to the charity campaign to help fund Beyond Type 1’s programs and grantees that are changing T1D awareness, management and a cure in the future. The Facebook group Families Fighting Type 1 was founded in 2016 and offers community support to those living with type 1 as well as raises funds for T1D nonprofits such as Beyond Type 1.




October 2016—On October 22, 2016 Katie Lesley, owner of Woodbridge Uncorked Wine Bar, hosted a Cocktail Party and Wine Tasting to benefit Beyond Type 1 in the Revlon LOVE IS ON Million Dollar Challenge and celebrate 25 years of living beyond her type 1 diabetes! The event included drinks, hors d’oeuvres, swag bags, a silent auction and an exciting raffle prize! Katie is passionate about raising awareness for type 1 diabetes after not only living with the disease for so long, but also in honor and memory of her brother, Nick, who passed away from diabetes-related complications at the young age of 28. For more information visit the  Woodbridge Uncorked website.

lemonade stand_2


August 2016—”Vivian and her type 1 friends from our neighborhood did a really great job hosting this stand yesterday! They raised $210.76 and then Vivian’s dad (my husband) matched what they raised totaling $421.52! For two hours they stood flagging people down and proudly serving them cookies and lemonade! They are truly super heroes!”

-Samantha Brzozowski, Vivian’s mom

Kara (in the blue),  Christopher (in the camo), and Olivia (in the happy shirt) are all Vivian’s type 1 buddies!

lemonade stand 3



July 2016—”After a long week of mind-numbing end of grade testing, Eliza and Allegra held a charity lemonade stand Friday afternoon.  These awesome girls both happen to have sisters with type 1 and are passionate about finding a cure for them and everyone else.  They danced, they sang, Eliza’s brother Max even learned sign spinning, enabling them to earn $50 for Beyond Type 1.  The best part was listening to these very informed kids teach others about type 1. P.S. They had the great idea of offering sugar-free lemonade for sale too!” Anne Miller

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 8.03.29 AM
Cool, hip current clothier Veronica Beard featured Council Member Claudine DeNiro and her daughter Ella for their January #VBGIVESBACK campaign, with $10 from every online sale going to Beyond Type 1.
It is incredible to have a global brand partner with us to raise awareness and highlight type 1 diabetes + over $7,000 was raised.



December 2015—Beyond Type 1 Ambassador and type 1 diabetic Lilah Hinds, along with sisters Faith and Mabel, put on a home-made sugar-free chocolate sale for Beyond Type 1! The girls made sugar-free chocolate and cookies as well as home made cup coasters to sell, which they displayed along with some Beyond Type 1 materials. These three little rock stars raised $65 for Beyond Type 1—thank you for the sisterly love ladies!



November 2015—Emily Blistein, owner of the Clementine boutique, donated 20 percent of each sale to Beyond Type 1 when “#livebeyond” was mentioned during checkout. This shop is nestled in the village of Middlebury and sells gorgeous handmade items that range from home decor to stationary. With the highest quality of materials and one-of-a-kind designs, Clementine stands apart. Not in the area? Shop online HERE




November 2015—On November 14, 2015 Metroca Lo-Chotani and Jawaid Chotani asked all guests at Jawaid’s 50th Birthday Celebration to donate to Beyond Type 1 in lieu of presents. Happy Birthday Jawaid, there really is no better gift than a cure! 

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 1.33.28 PM


November 2015—On November 14, 2015 Monster Cycle instructor and type 1 Dia-badass Liz van Voorhis organized “Diabetes Day” at the studio. A  portion of proceeds from all of Saturday’s cycling classes were donated, as were all proceeds from the silent auction. Monster Cycle also accepted and matched all donations made that day in studio! #disruptlikeabadass 



November 2015—Landis Wiedner, creator of the Type One web series, hosted a launch party for his comedy about a guy in his 20’s with type 1 diabetes. The show raises awareness and breaks stereotypes about what it’s like living every day with type 1 diabetes. All ticket sales, raffles and live auction items from the event raised almost $5,000 for Beyond Type 1. Did we mention the launch party was held at the Willis Skydeck with its stunning views? And Martin Morrow from Last Comic Standing performed? Awesomeness.



November 2015—Co-founder Sam Talbot hosted a cocktail party at VINCE in New York city! DJ Mia Moretti spun some sick beats, neighborhood friends shopped and 20 percent of purchase proceeds went to Beyond Type 1. From the 12th – 15th Vince stores in California, Florida and New York offered shoppers who mentioned Beyond Type 1 a 10 percent discount on their purchases as well as donated 20 percent of the sale to Beyond Type 1.



November 2015  Zamrie, a woman’s online fashion store, donated 20 percent of sales during November to diabetes orgnizations. Ambassador + avid cyclist Victoria Cumbow (shown here) is one of several T1D models featured in the #iamTYPE1derfulZAMRIE campaign. Bravo, ladies!

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 9.42.52 PM


October 2015—Third-grader Rosie and second-grader Henry from Friday Harbor Elementary School in Washington have inspired their schoolmates to donate spare change. Twenty-six Beyond Type 1 spare change jars were installed on campus and the class that raised the most money was rewarded with a pizza party! The entire school worked so hard to raise almost $800 so the town chipped in and threw an ice cream social for the whole school.

Screen Shot 2015-11-09 at 8.51.49 PM


October 2015 — Council member Claudine De Niro, along with CEO and creative director of Alice + Olivia, Stacy Bendet, turned their annual Halloween block party into something way more “boo”tiful this year. Guests were encouraged to make donations in lieu of hostesses gifts, and almost $8000 was raised thanks to the generous, festive families.