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Ginger diagnosed herself with type 1 diabetes during the 7th-grade health fair when she was 13 years old—and nobody believed her for a week! She also lives with celiac disease, fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism. Needless to say, her immune system has made some very questionable choices over the years, but she has spent her entire adult life creating content that helps people juggle the daily challenges of type 1 and type 2 diabetes. (Find everything Ginger’s written at
She’s authored a variety of books, including “When I Go Low” (for kids), “Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes,” and “Dealing with Diabetes Burnout.” Ginger’s also written for DiabetesMineHealthlineT1D ExchangeDiabetes Strong, Diathrive and more! As a former competitive powerlifter, yoga teacher and health coach, Ginger loves the never-ending experiment of managing type 1 diabetes around exercise.
In her free time, she is usually jumping rope, scootering with her daughters, or walking with her handsome fella and their amazing dog, Petey. (Find more articles by Ginger at BeyondType2.)

Written by Ginger

low-carb substitutes

8 Low-Carb Substitutes for People with Diabetes

Yes, people with diabetes can eat anything—but you might appreciate reducing the carbs when possible…and when they’re delicious!MORE
woman inhaling insulin

How to Get Afrezza Inhaled Insulin — From Prescription To Coverage

Afrezza is still relatively new to the market, so doctors and health insurance companies aren’t as familiar with it. Here’s what you need to know to get it.MORE

Participate in Type 1 Diabetes Research From Home

Here are two simple ways to get involved in type 1 diabetes research that strives to improve the care provided to people with T1D.MORE
taking metformin with type 1 diabetes

The Surprising Benefits of Taking Metformin for Type 1 Diabetes

Ginger Vieira shares her personal experience taking metformin for the last five months as a person with type 1 diabetes.MORE
cequr simplicity insulin patch

If You’re Tired of Injections, Try This Insulin Patch

If you have trouble taking your mealtime insulin doses for any reason, this simple insulin patch technology might be a game-changer for you.MORE

If You Take Insulin: You Need a Prescription for Emergency Glucagon

Emergency glucagon is a medication that raise blood sugar levels quickly during severe hypoglycemia.MORE
Afrezza inhaled insulin

Using Inhaled Insulin with Type 1 + Type 2 Diabetes

Here are a few reasons why people with type 1 and type 2 diabetes love using Afrezza inhaled insulin.MORE
strict low-carb diet isn't right for you

If a Strict Low-Carb Diet Doesn’t Work For You…

Instead of an extremely strict low-carb or ketogenic diet, try adding these low-carb tips to a more flexible way of eating.MORE
emergency glucagon

Can EMTs + Paramedics Administer Emergency Glucagon for Severe Hypoglycemia?

Despite today’s modern 1-step glucagon options, the rules on who can administer glucagon have not been updated. MORE
Mom using Afrezza inhaled insulin

1 Year Later: Why I Still Love Inhaled Insulin for Type 1 Diabetes

One year ago, Ginger started using inhaled insulin to manage her type 1 diabetes. Here, she shares the impact it’s had on her day-to-day life.MORE
calling 911 for severe hypoglycemia

The First Time I Called 911 After 51 Years of Type 1 Diabetes

Lisa Stoller has lived with type 1 diabetes for over 50 years before she ever needed emergency glucagon for severe hypoglycemia.MORE
blood sugar roller coaster

3 Tips: Getting Off the Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

Stuck on the blood sugar roller coaster for hours? Here are a few tips to get off the ride quickly—or avoid the ride altogether. MORE
CGM and BGM data

What Doctors Want Most From Patients with Diabetes: Blood Sugar Data

Sharing your diabetes data can be scary—or embarrassing—but the best way to help your healthcare team help you is by sharing CGM or BGM data.MORE
How to Time Your Insulin Dose with Digestion

How to Time Your Insulin Dose with Digestion

Learning how to match the timing of your mealtime insulin dose with the digestion of what you’re eating is a key part of managing diabetes.MORE

Transgender with Diabetes: Fighting for Gender-Affirming Healthcare

“I'd like my pronouns listed before the little letter indicating what genitals I have. I want person-first language.”MORE

Tips + Tricks: Losing Weight While Taking Insulin

Insulin may be a life-saving medication but there are many misconceptions about its impact on your weight. Let’s get the facts straight.MORE
inhaled insulin helping diabuliima

How Inhaled Insulin Helped Me Recover From Diabulimia

Cynthia Celt struggled with diabulimia — a life-threatening eating disorder — for nearly 20 years before she started using inhaled insulin.MORE
restarting after diabetes burnout

Restarting Your Diabetes Journey After Burnout

If you’ve stepped back from the daily tasks of managing diabetes, it can be overwhelming to get started again. MORE

Diabetes + Dementia: Using Nasal Insulin to Improve Brain Function

With rising rates of obesity in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes, understanding the impact on long-term brain health and function is critical.MORE

Another Reminder that Racial/Ethnic Inequality Exists in Diabetes Care

Despite the variety of diabetes medications and technology, race and ethnicity still weigh heavily on a person’s access to these life-saving tools.MORE

Mounjaro: Its Powerful Potential to Treat Type 2 Diabetes & Obesity

Experts discuss the impressive impact and future potential of using Mounjaro (tirzepatide) to treat obesity and type 2 diabetes.MORE

Research: Practical Use of Closed-Loop Insulin Pumps

Closed-loop insulin pump technology is a game-changer for those taking insulin. Here are essential tips to using them in day-to-day life.MORE

Access to Insulin: In the United States

Despite the growing variety of insulin and technology, access to this life-saving drug continues to be a dire problem in the United States.MORE

Access to Insulin: In Low-Income Countries

In many countries, a person with diabetes may walk for four days to get a vial of short-acting insulin and seven to 10 days for long-acting.MORE
diabulimia recovery

What to Expect During Recovery From Diabulimia

In your path to recovery from diabulimia, here are a few things to expect and prepare for. This path isn’t easy, but it’s worth it. MORE
Using cequr simplicity insulin patch

Switching to an Insulin Patch After 50 Years of Injections

A 66-year-old woman who's been living with diabetes for over 50 years shares her experience using the CeQur Simplicity insulin patch.MORE
treating lows with dex4

Not All Sugars Are the Same: Using Glucose to Treat Hypoglycemia

Learn why treating low blood sugars with glucose can raise your blood sugar faster than using other types of sugar.MORE
menopause and diabetes

Menopause + Type 1 Diabetes

The natural transition to menopause can have a big impact on your blood sugar levels and insulin needs. Here's what you need to know:MORE
hypoglycemia in senior citizens with diabetes

Preventing + Treating Hypoglycemia in Older Adults with Diabetes

When it comes to low blood sugars, there are a few additional things to consider if you are over 60 years old. Let’s take a look… MORE
talking to your doctor

6 Things Doctors Should Say to Patients with Diabetes

Every type of diabetes is demanding. Feeling heard, understood, and respected by your healthcare team is a critical part of reaching diabetes goals!MORE
tirzepatide weight loss research

Promising New Drug Leads to 22.5% Weight Loss in Adults Living with Obesity

The latest study on a new drug is making headlines for its impressive ability to help patients lose weight.MORE

Stem Cell Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes: Patient Achieved Insulin Independence on Day 270

A patient in the Vertex Pharmaceutical’s clinical trial using stem-cell therapy to treat type 1 diabetes has achieved insulin independence on Day 270 of the trial. MORE
getting lasik eye surgery with diabetes

My Experience Getting LASIK Eye Surgery as a Person with Diabetes

Ginger Vieira shares her experience getting LASIK eye surgery as a person with type 1 diabetes. Twelve years later, she's still so glad she did it.MORE
lasik eye surgery

Can People with Diabetes Get LASIK Eye Surgery?

Have you heard rumors that you can’t get LASIK while living with diabetes? SPOILER: They’re not true! Learn more about getting LASIK...MORE
Keith Crear as a sports photojournalist with type 2 diabetes

Getting Therapy as a Man with Diabetes: “Our pride gets the best of us.”

Asking for help is never easy—especially for a man in today’s world where mental health is often overlooked. Here, Keith shares why asking for help was worth it.MORE
woman with low blood sugar

Hypoglycemia 101: What You Need to Know

Here are the need-to-know basics of managing hypoglycemia—also known as low blood sugar—if you live with diabetes.MORE
alcohol and low blood sugar

Avoiding Lows While Drinking Alcohol

Did you know alcohol can actually lead to low blood sugars in the hours after you drink? Learn how to stay safe.MORE

What to Eat: Fast-Acting Carbs to Treat Low Blood Sugars

Learn what and how much to eat for your next low blood sugar with this easy fast-acting carbs chart.MORE
diabetes astrology

Diabetes Astrology: Snacks for Hypoglycemia Based on Your Zodiac Sign

What are the stars trying to tell you? Here's a little Astrological guidance on which fast-acting carbs to reach for during your next low.MORE
donating blood

Can People with Diabetes Donate Blood?

Does your diabetes diagnosis mean you cannot donate blood? Here's what you need to know...MORE

Why You Should Try a CGM Even if You’re Reluctant

So you’ve been pricking your finger for 20 years? Yes, even YOU might appreciate the benefits of a continuous glucose monitor!MORE

Why Your CGM “Glucose” Level is Not the Same as Your “Blood Sugar” Level 

Frustrated when the number on your CGM doesn’t precisely match the number on your meter? There’s a really good explanation for this.MORE
Ginger Vieira tips on over-treating low blood sugars

5 Tips to Stop Over-Treating Low Blood Sugars

Low blood sugars are the worst—but what makes them even more miserable is the desperate urge to eat everything in sight. Here are a few tips to help you break this habit.MORE
insulin patch technology Cequr simplicity

Guide: Asking Your Doctor About Using an Insulin Patch

The CeQur Simplicity insulin patch is so new that your doctor may not even know about it! Learn how to get the conversation started…MORE

Protecting Your Eyes as a Person of Color with Diabetes

Dr. Kristen Nwanyanwu is working to improve eye care and diabetes education provided to people of color with diabetes.MORE
Tiffani’s Story: The Cost of Not Taking My Insulin

Tiffani’s Story: The Cost of Not Taking My Insulin

Tiffani discusses her life as the recipient of both a kidney and pancreas transplant, losing her eyesight, and why taking your insulin is so important. MORE
Amita's close-up profile

Amita’s Story: Living with Type 1 Diabetes in Nepal

Without the Life for a Child program, Amita and her family would not be able to afford the insulin she needs to survive.MORE
How to Try the Freestyle Libre CGM for Free

How to Try the Freestyle Libre CGM for Free

You can try the Freestyle Libre continuous glucose monitor for two weeks for free with the My Freestyle program.MORE

Diabetes Care for U.S. Immigrants: Why Housing Stability and Food Access Must Come First

“If a patient is worried about having enough money for food or being evicted, telling them to count their carbs isn’t usually effective.”MORE

5 Things Diabetes Technology Can Do for You

When it comes to managing diabetes, many of the advances in technology have actually made life simpler and safer.MORE

Teen Sisters Manage T1D with Sarcasm, Tenacity, and Closed-Loop Insulin Pumps

The Brand family has four children, two of whom live with type 1 diabetes. Using closed-loop insulin pumps has been a game-changer. MORE

Frustrated with Your Diabetes Goals? Try This Approach Instead

If you’re frustrated with traditional diabetes goals like “lower my A1c” and “lose 15 pounds,” here’s a different way to approach goal-setting.MORE

All About the CeQur Simplicity Insulin Patch

This ultra-thin wearable insulin patch is a simple and convenient way to deliver your mealtime and correction dose insulin!MORE
ode to a great doctor

The Difference Between a Great Endocrinologist and the Other Kind…

Diabetes is so complicated and finding a great healthcare team is unfortunately not always easy. MORE
women's healthcare and diabetes

Women with Diabetes Need Accessible Women’s Health Care

For a woman with diabetes, regular and affordable access to women’s health care is critical. In this guide, we explore information most women with diabetes are never told and dig into what’s being...MORE
high-deductible insurance with diabetes

Managing Diabetes with a High-Deductible Insurance Plan

An increasingly common type of health insurance plan, HDHPs are marketed as lower-cost healthcare — but are often prohibitively expensive for anyone with chronic health conditions. Here’s what you...MORE
nutrition tips for diabetes

11 Nutrition Tips to Help You Lose Weight with Diabetes

When it comes to losing weight, it’s the little things that make a big difference. Little decisions we make each day. Little habits. Little changes.MORE

Is COVID-19 Causing Type 1 Diabetes?

There’s so much we don’t know about COVID-19 that will take years to research and learn. One big question: can COVID cause type 1 diabetes?MORE

Checking Your Blood Sugar During Pregnancy with Type 1 and Type 2 Diabetes

Managing your blood sugars during pregnancy is not a simple task — especially if you’re taking insulin. Here’s what you need to know to keep your BG levels in a safe range.MORE
Inhaled insulin

Inhaled Insulin: Meet a Type 1 Who Uses Afrezza And Keeps Her A1C Below 6.0

Have you ever wondered about the effectiveness of inhaled insulin? This T1D uses it and keeps her A1C below 6.0!MORE

Diabetes Camp: Why Forcing Your Child to Go May Be The Best Decision Ever

At diabetes summer camps, kids with diabetes are just like all the other kids, taking insulin and checking blood sugar levels.MORE
inhaled insulin myths vs facts

Inhaled Insulin: Myths Vs. Facts

Inhaled insulin has been around for several years, but there are many myths about this zero-poke method of taking insulin.MORE

Diabetes & Pregnancy: 5 Things I’ll Do Differently During My 2nd Pregnancy

I’m sharing my tips for staying calm and keeping your blood sugars stable when you have T1D and a baby on the way, or in my case—baby #2!MORE
How to Adjust Your Insulin Rates for Endurance Training

How to Adjust Your Insulin Rates for Endurance Training

How you adjust your insulin rates for endurance training is a careful and personal process. Here are some tips to help you along the way!MORE
endurance exercise and weight-gain

Endurance Exercise & Weight-Gain: Why It Happens & How to Prevent It

Training for a marathon but gaining weight? Understand why it happens and how to prevent it...MORE
your menstrual cycle with diabetes

How Your Menstrual Cycle Can Affect Your Diabetes

Frustrated by sudden swings in your blood sugar right before your period starts? Here, we’ll take a look at the specific hormones involved in your menstrual cycle, how they might impact your diabete...MORE
talking to your doctor about inhaled insulin

Talking to Your Doctor About Inhaled Insulin

Inhaled insulin might be a perfect addition to your diabetes management routine, whether you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes.MORE
hate math? less math with type 1 diabetes

Hate Math? Tips for Managing Diabetes With Fewer Numbers

Whether you call it math, carb-counting or SWAG (scientific and wildly amazing guess), day-to-day diabetes management involves a lot of numbers. If math has never come easily to you, here are some way...MORE
5 reasons I don't use an insulin pump

5 Reasons I Don’t Use an Insulin Pump 

It blows people’s minds that I would choose multiple daily injections (and now, inhalations) over wearing an insulin pump that sits in my skin 24/7.MORE

How a New Treatment for Painful Diabetic Neuropathy Changed This Man’s Life

Earl Arnold endured the pain of diabetic neuropathy for years before finding a treatment option that truly changed his life.MORE

Learn How to Recognize Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

Learn about the signs and symptoms of painful diabetic neuropathy — and how it’s different from other types of neuropathy.MORE

Treatment Options for People with Painful Diabetic Neuropathy

Struggling with painful diabetic neuropathy? Learn about treatment options to help reduce your pain and improve your day-to-day life.MORE
Screening my children for T1D

This is Why I Screen My Children for Type 1 Diabetes

You can now catch type 1 diabetes months or even *years* before symptoms of the disease show up. Plus, new treatments are on the way to even delay T1D.MORE
dehydration and your blood sugar

How Dehydration Can Spike Your Blood Sugar

Are you drinking enough water? Even mild dehydration can spike your blood sugar if you have diabetes. Learn why here...MORE
Tips for Avoiding Post-Meal Blood-Sugar Spikes

Tips for Avoiding Post-Meal Blood-Sugar Spikes

We have to eat! But, managing those post-meal blood-sugar spikes can be tricky. Here are 3 tips that could help you avoid post-meal blood-sugar spikesMORE
endurance exercise with closed loop pump

Tips: Endurance Exercise with a Closed-Loop Pump

Learn how to adjust your closed-loop insulin pump for any type of exercise with type 1 diabetes -- especially endurance training!MORE

Deep Dive: All of the Non-Drug Pain Treatment Options for Diabetic Neuropathy

Painful neuropathy can be disruptive, life-altering, and overwhelming. Don’t deal with it alone; learn about non-drug pain relief options.MORE

Diabetic Neuropathy: A Common Complication with a New Solution

Scary: talking about diabetes complications. Scarier: Keeping your pain to yourself when there are life-changing solutions available.MORE
vertex pharmaceuticals stem cell therapy for type 1 diabetes

Stem-Cell Therapy for Type 1 Diabetes Reduced Patient’s Insulin Needs by 91%

The early results of a clinical trial using stem-cell therapy to treat type 1 diabetes reduced the patient’s insulin needs by 91%.MORE
best times of day to check blood sugar

Best Times of Day to Check Your Blood Sugar

Diabetes 101: Here, we’ll look at the best times to check your blood sugar for the most information about your diabetes management!MORE
exercising with type 1 diabetes

Avoid Exercise Lows: How to Time Your Workouts Around Insulin Doses

Looking for a way to avoid those mid-exercise low blood sugars? This method can help, whether you’re exercising first thing in the morning or later in the day!MORE

Putting Inhaled Insulin to the Test

I'm using Afrezza's inhaled insulin to manage my type 1 diabetes. Here's how it's going...MORE

Preparing For Back to School with Type 1 Diabetes

If you have type 1 diabetes, managing your blood sugar levels at school means you need to come prepared for anything at school.MORE
relationship with food and T1D

Has Type 1 Diabetes Affected Your Relationship with Food?

There’s no denying that type 1 diabetes affects how we think, feel, and behave around food. Read a few tips and experiences from fellow T1Ds.MORE

How to Help Others With Low Blood Sugar Levels at School

If your classmate or student has type 1 diabetes, you can support them by learning how to spot the signs and symptoms of low blood sugar.MORE
low blood sugar anxiety

Low Blood Sugars & Anxiety While Returning to Your Busy Routine

Easing back into "regular" life can increase your anxiety about low blood sugars and diabetes management. Here are a few tips to help:MORE
teaching non-diabetics about severe low blood sugar

Save a Life: It’s Time to Learn About Glucagon

Easy as an EpiPen, learn how to save a life with glucagon — because someone you know can have severe hypoglycemia, even if you don't know it!MORE
man giving women a vaccine

Our Community Shares Why They Get Vaccinated Against the Flu and COVID-19

Never experienced the basic flu with type 1 diabetes? Even with high survival rates it can be dangerous and terrifying, like COVID-19.MORE
anxiety in people with diabetes, man in chair with hand on his face

Anxiety in People with Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes

Anxiety in people with diabetes may not be discussed very often, but research finds that it's very common.MORE
surgeon preparing for pancreas transplant

Research on Pancreas Transplants in Type 1 & Type 2 Diabetes

Pancreas transplants are not an easy solution to type 1 or type 2 diabetes, but for some, they may be life-saving.MORE
the impact of diabetes on your brain

The Impact of Blood Sugar Levels & DKA on Your Brain

Recent research suggests that DKA and prolonged high blood sugar levels cause the most injury to your brain.MORE
eating disorders in type 1 diabetes

Prevalence & Treatment of Eating Disorders in Type 1 Diabetes

Learn why People with type 1 diabetes are significantly more likely to develop an eating disorder than their non-diabetic peers, and the most effective treatment approaches.MORE

How to Ask Your Primary Care Provider for Glucagon

Your doctor may not know about emergency glucagon, why you need it, and the newest types available. Here's how to ask for it...MORE
getting emergency glucagon

How to Get Emergency Glucagon: CoPay Cards & Insurance Denials

If you take insulin or a medication that can cause low blood sugar, having an emergency glucagon treatment is a must -- it could save your life. Here, we’ll look at getting insurance coverage for em...MORE
sunglasses for people with diabetes

Which Sunglasses are Best for People with Diabetes?

You probably know that UVA and UVB light can both damage your skin -- increasing your risk of skin cancer -- but it’s important to protect your eyes from UV light, too.MORE
what is 20/20 vision?

What does 20/20 vision mean?

The vision test you’ve probably been doing since you were 3 years old is called “visual acuity testing” and it determines whether your vision is 20/20 or something else.MORE
expert interview diabetes eye health

We Asked an Ophthalmologist: Who REALLY Needs Eye Exams?

Regardless of your A1c, Kevin Blinder, MD, ophthalmologist explains why everyone with diabetes needs an annual eye exam.MORE
floaters in your vision

Floaters in Your Vision: When Should You Be Concerned?

Floaters are very common in people with diabetes who have developed diabetic retinopathy or diabetic macular edema.MORE
glaucoma in people with diabetes

All About Glaucoma in People with Diabetes

People with diabetes are twice as likely to develop glaucoma compared to the non-diabetic population, but you can take steps to reduce your risk.MORE
cataracts in people with diabetes

All About Cataracts in People with Diabetes

For people with diabetes, chronically high blood sugar levels can affect the wellbeing of your lenses and lead to cataracts.MORE
diabetic macular edema

All About Diabetic Macular Edema

Diabetic macular edema (DME) is extremely common in people with diabetic retinopathy. These two eye conditions are the leading cause of blindness in developed countries across the globe.MORE
diabetic retinopathy

All About Diabetic Retinopathy

Retinopathy is one of the most common and most serious diabetes-related eye complications. It’s actually the leading cause of preventable blindness.MORE
dry eyes with diabetes

All About “Dry Eye” with Diabetes

One of the most common yet rarely talked about eye conditions in people with diabetes is “dry eye,” it affects approximately 54 percent of people with diabetes.MORE
Patients Share: Treatments for Diabetes Eye Complications

Patients Share: Treatments for Diabetes Eye Complications

People with type 1 and type 2 diabetes share their experience receiving treatments for diabetes eye complications like retinopathy and macular edema, and how it’s helped save their vision. MORE
computer vision syndrome and blue light

Computer Screens & Blue Light: What Screen Time Can Do to Your Eyes

65% of Americans report experiencing symptoms of digital eye strain, also referred to as “computer vision syndrome”.MORE

What’s the Difference: Ophthalmologist vs. Optometrist vs. Optician

Regular appointments with eye specialists are the best way to protect your eyes and your vision from diabetes complications.MORE
annual diabetes eye exam

What to Expect at Your Annual Diabetes Eye Exam

Painless and non-invasive, your annual diabetes eye exam will be looking for signs of these five eye conditions...MORE
annual diabetes eye exam

Why You Should Schedule Your Annual Diabetes Eye Exam

Your annual diabetes eye exam is the best way to protect your vision from diabetes-related eye complications.MORE
Rachael's story: diabetic retinopathy

Rachael’s Story: My Stage 4 Diabetic Retinopathy Went Undiagnosed for Years

Rachael's eye doctor missed the earlier stages of diabetic retinopathy because he wasn't doing certain tests.MORE
bethany's diabetic retinopathy story

Bethany’s Story: My Eye Started Bleeding the Day My First Child Was Born

With 40 years of type 1 diabetes under her belt, Bethany shares her experience with laser treatments for retinopathy.MORE
diabetes impact on your mood

How Diabetes Impacts Your mood

Blood sugar fluctuations and constant stress means diabetes can easily impact your mood...MORE
diabetes and yeast infections

Yeast Infections & Diabetes: What You Need to Know

High blood sugar levels can feed the growth of yeast, leading to yeast infections. Here's what you need to know...MORE
insulin and temperature

Insulin & Temperature: Why It’s Really Important

Insulin is very sensitive to hot and cold temperatures. Even an hour in a hot car can spoil your insulin. Learn how to keep it safe...MORE
Man looking at this diabetes management & time-in-range on cell phone

All About Time-in-Range

Time-in-range (TIR) is a measurement that tells you what percentage of the day your blood sugars are in your goal range.MORE

All About Gvoke HypoPen®

Anyone who takes insulin and other medications that cause low blood sugar should know about the premixed insulin Gvoke HypoPen.MORE

Making the Switch from Pens to a Pump: What to Know

Switching from multiple daily injections (MDI) with an insulin pen to an insulin pump is a very exciting decision! Here's what you need to know...MORE

After Years of Denial, This Man Manages His Diabetes with Insulin

When Arvind Ramaswamy was diagnosed with MODY 1 diabetes at 25 years old in 1995, he was convinced the doctors had made a mistake.MORE