Over 30 million Americans are living with some form of diabetes, and millions more are at risk.Today you can add your voice. Contact your elected leader, asking them to put thought into the key legislation pending before Congress. Use your social media platform adding the hashtag #HearingDiabetesVoices to let Congress know that the American people demand action.  The Diabetes Advocacy Alliance, is requesting a congressional hearing to highlight diabetes and support legislation that will ensure:

  • Coordination of federal agencies in support of diabetes research, programs and education for all forms of diabetes, including gestational
  • Medicare beneficiaries receive access to diabetes education from a certified diabetes educator and access to CGM
  • Ensure access to the National Diabetes Prevention Program for those with pre-diabetes
  • Improve access to education and resources for minorities

What can you do?

  • Engage on social media, sharing your concerns, request and your reality. Sample tweets below.
  • Take action using the Novo Nordisk “ACT for Change Today” form – a quick and easy template for contacting your lawmaker.
  • Check out the DPAC (Diabetes Patient Advocacy Coalition) website for the 411 on current bills and resolutions before Congress and an automated way to message your lawmaker.
  • Encourage others in your network to join as well — you don’t have to have diabetes to participate, you just have to care.

Sample tweets

  • People w/#diabetes need their voices heard. It’s time for Congressional hearing. #HearingDiabetesVoices
  • Hello, Congress, we need to talk. 30M Americans live w/#diabetes + it’s time to take action. Hold a hearing. #HearingDiabetesVoices
  • #PWD on Medicare deserve access to life-altering technology, tools + education.  Congress must act now. #HearingDiabetesVoices
  • 30M Americans living w#diabetes, 86M at risk. It’s time to focus on the human + economic toll #HearingDiabetesVoices
  • $322 BILLION is the annual cost of #diabetes in the US. We can’t afford not to act. #HearingDiabetesVoices

Together, our efforts will raise awareness and have the ability to improve access to life-changing tools and technology, crucial resources for those living with diabetes and education and resources to create impactful outcomes for people with diabetes.