How to Help T1Ds Affected by the Earthquake of Mexico City


México City, Mexico – In the aftermath of a 7.1 earthquake on Sept. 19, 2017, Mexican citizens have banded together to assist in rescue efforts and the clean-up of the devastated city. For those who have a chronic illness like Type 1 diabetes, a natural disaster of this magnitude offers a whole new set of challenges like access to supplies, stress management and extra care precautions. 

If you live with Type 1 diabetes, you cannot forget your emergency kit. And in the aftermath of the disaster, you must not forget the following:

Blood glucose levels

Stress will cause high blood sugar levels. Self-monitoring and with more frequency is a must. Be sure to contact a healthcare professional in case of any problem.

Wound care

As someone who is more susceptible to infection and slower to heal, it is important that those with Type 1 receive immediate help in case of an injury or situation that could lead to infection. Infections and wounds could affect our blood sugar levels as well, so it’s important to pay close attention.


In Mexico, insulins have been donated. The problem is not all of these donations are being kept safe or refrigerated. First, make sure you have enough supplies for yourself and then contact the following organizations that have experience in storage for insulin:




IFL aids those living with diabetes by supplying life-saving insulin and other supplies. In order to continue to provide emergency supplies, Insulin for Life is specifically requesting that you donate insulin (unopened, not expired) and test strips (of any variety). You can also donate directly.

Send supplies to:

5745 SW 75th Street, #116
Gainesville, Florida 32608
(352) 327-8649

If you live in another country and want to send some help, you must know that the people of Mexico have enough food and supplies for now. (Plus sending supplies is complicated.) If you are planning to send some help, please support any of the organizations above mentioned or donate through Amazon México.

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