Tips: Timing Your Insulin Dose with Meal Digestion


Taking insulin to manage your blood sugars isn’t easy. In fact, learning how to time the dose of your insulin with how quickly (or slowly) your meal is going to digest is very complicated! Here are a few critical tips to help you match the action of your insulin with the digestion of your meal.

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WRITTEN BY Ginger Vieira, POSTED 07/05/22, UPDATED 12/19/22

Ginger Vieira is an author and writer living with type 1 diabetes, celiac disease, fibromyalgia and hypothyroidism. She’s authored a variety of books, including “When I Go Low” (for kids), “Pregnancy with Type 1 Diabetes,” and “Dealing with Diabetes Burnout.” Before joining Beyond Type 1, Ginger spent the last 15 years writing for Diabetes Mine, Healthline, T1D Exchange, Diabetes Strong and more! In her free time, she is jumping rope, scootering with her daughters, or walking with her handsome fella and their dog.