Jerry in Your Clinic


Who is Jerry:

Meet Jerry the Bear – the T1D Tech Teddy – and a core part of the diabetes education program at several major hospitals and clinics and in the US and in New Zealand!*  Through interaction with Jerry – using the app and virtual tools to check his blood sugar, make food selections, carb count and administer insulin – children learn to take care of him and in the process themselves. Jerry is not only a teaching tool for children with Type 1 but also for the entire family and community. The app is currently available in English, Spanish and French for iOS and Android.

Why Jerry:

With curriculum co-designed with doctors, educators and families to create content kids love, Jerry gives healthcare professionals with a fresh, modern approach to diabetes education for children, plus the timeless comfort of a stuffed animal. By taking care of Jerry’s diabetes, children gain practice with counting carbs, monitoring and checking blood sugar, and dosing Jerry with an insulin pen or pump. Jerry can be fed a healthy diet or junk food, either way, kids learn about the impact carbs have on blood sugar and the carb counts for basic foods. Kids follow along with Jerry’s journey to train for the All-Star Games through 21 interactive storybooks that are paired with care tasks to reinforce important diabetes lessons. Beyond Type 1 has also created an activity book in English and Spanish to highlight lessons and can be used in addition to, or instead of, using the app. 

“I use Jerry from Day 1 in teaching a child and their family about diabetes. After introducing Jerry to the child & family, I use him to help introduce blood sugar checks & insulin injections.  This gives the child a chance to check Jerry’s sugars and then check their own. We had one young child who stated that his Jerry the Bear helps him be brave. He is also a nice cuddly Teddy bear that the child can hug while the parent gives an injection.”

Michelle Curl, RN, BSN, BA, CDE at UNC Health Care

Results from ongoing Parent Survey:

  • 100% indicated Jerry was an effective teaching tool for their child/T1D
  • 100% indicated Jerry was an effective teaching tool for others (siblings, schoolmates, friends, etc.)
  • 100% Jerry helps provide comfort in times or feelings of stress or anxiety related to Type 1 diabetes
  • 100% indicated Jerry helps their child feel less alone in their Type 1 diabetes


How to bring Jerry to your program:

Contact us: If you are interested in bringing Jerry the Bear to your clinic or hospital, email to set up a call! We will walk you through the process for adding Jerry to your team or for providing for newly diagnosed patients, supply additional resources and information, answer any questions and make arrangements for a demo bear. Professional partners receive a preferred rate on every order and additional support. In addition, we are also happy to connect you with other health care professionals currently using Jerry, to offer additional information or suggestions for seeking funding for your program. 

What Jerry the Bear’s new friends are saying…  

“When I asked Henry what he learned, he told me that he learned the 15-15 rule: eat 15 carbs and wait 15 minutes to check your blood sugar. I can see that he’s learning specifics like this, but I also think he’s learning something more difficult: the art of balancing a blood sugar — that it takes attention, carbs, and insulin.”

-Mother of child with Type 1 diabetes

“While Jerry is aimed at helping kids in the 4 to 9-year-old range who are newly diagnosed with diabetes, his potential reaches FAR past that specific demographic. Jerry, in our home, has been used to help my daughter understand her mother’s diabetes. He’s been a teaching tool to show kids in her class and our neighborhood what diabetes is all about. Jerry could be a powerful conduit for conversation for all people touched by diabetes.”

-Kerri Sparling, Six Until Me

“My son has learned how it feels to be in MY shoes, the caretaker. And he better understands why I make certain decisions about dosing or what foods he should eat. He checks Jerry 1st thing in the morning and as many times as he can thereafter. He’s been worried about Jerry, and scared to make dosing decisions which he told me he now understands why I get scared sometimes. More than anything, he loves to have another T1D in the house!! He loves the daily tasks and tries his hardest to keep Jerry within his target blood sugar.”

-Mother of child with Type 1 diabetes

*Jerry is currently a part of the diabetes education program at Seattle Children’s Hospital, Texas Children’s Hospital, UCSF, and UNC at Chapel Hill and children receive a bear at training. Through our partnership with Diabetes New Zealand, every newly diagnosed child receives their own Jerry the Bear.

Learn more about Jerry here.