Jerry the Bear Features


Jerry the Bear is not only a teaching tool for children with Type 1 but also for the entire family and community. Through interaction with Jerry – using the app and virtual tools to check his blood sugar, make food selections, carb count and administer insulin – children learn how to take care of him and in the process themselves.


  • 8 injection sites
  • 21 interactive e-books
  • 1 digital pen
  • 1 digital pump
  • 1 digital glucometer
  • Included sticker to attach a virtual pump site
  • Augmented reality play
  • Free app download
  • Jerry the Bear is 15″ tall
  • Jerry the Bear weighs 10 oz.
  • Uses both mg/dL and mmol/L

Intended for ages 4-9+

Price $55

Quantities are limited. ORDER Jerry now! Available worldwide, (except in China). For purchases in Canada, visit here.

Results from Parents Survey

  • 100% indicated Jerry was an effective teaching tool for their child/T1D
  • 100% indicated Jerry was an effective teaching tool for others (siblings, schoolmates, friends, etc.)
  • 100% Jerry helps provide comfort in times or feelings of stress or anxiety related to Type 1 diabetes
  • 100%  indicated Jerry helps their child feel less alone in their Type 1 diabetes


*Jerry’s diabetes tools: glucometer, insulin pen and pump are digital and can be accessed through the app.

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