Alexi Melvin, Staff Writer


Alexi Melvin serves as Chair of the Leadership Council’s Content Committee. She is a journalist who has written for The San Francisco Chronicle, Beyond Type 1 and other digital publications. Alexi is also a voiceover actor and reiki master. In addition to her dedication to being a voice for people living with T1D everywhere, she has always been passionate about meditation and energy healing. Before getting her Bachelor of Arts degree at The New School University, she studied acting at the Lee Strasberg Institute. She hopes to continue her healing work, and to connect with other T1Ds through her travels and writing opportunities.



Written by Alexi

New Book Alert! “Diabetes Sucks and You Can Handle it” by Dr. Mark Heyman

Diabetes sucks. And you can handle it! Hear from psychologist Mark Heyman about his new book that explores mental health and type 1 diabetes.MORE

How Turning Red Brings Diabetes Representation to Pixar

Pixar technical supervisor Susan Fong lives with type 1 diabetes and brings diabetes representation to new film Turning RedMORE

T1D in Under-Resourced Countries: Life for a Child’s Vision for the Future

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From Coast Guard Officer to Author: How a T1D Diagnosis Changed This Man’s Path

Thomas "Buddy" Bardenwerper was diagnosed with T1D as a Coast Guard Officer. Now, he is the author of an exciting upcoming novel.MORE

Why I’m Running (Again): The Marathon of T1D

My choice to run again stems from the realization that when you take on something that you never thought your body was capable of, the little things in life suddenly do seem littler. Even when you are...MORE

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We've all heard ignorant jokes about diabetes, so what happens when a comedian with type 1 diabetes takes the stage? MORE

“Chronic Hope: Raising a Child with Chronic Illness with Grace, Courage, and Love” Book Review

In her new book, Bonnie O’Neil manages to perfectly capture what it is like raising a child with a type 1 diabetes.MORE

Dr. Steve Edelman on Hypoglycemia + Glucagon

I think the biggest issue today is people do not have a valid prescription for it. I always have this analogy, if you have a house or an apartment and it gets robbed and they steal everything that...MORE

The Global Impact of ‘Life For a Child’ with Dr. Graham Ogle

Life for a Child seeks to help children living with type 1 diabetes in under-resourced countries get the tools and critical care they need.MORE

Chatting with Home Economics’ Shiloh Bearman

BT1 spoke with nine-year-old Shiloh about her role on the show, managing T1D on set, her plans for her acting career going forward, and more.MORE

We Are Brave Together: A Supportive Community for Moms of Children with Special Needs

Founder Jessica Patay discusses We Are Brave Together, a non-profit organization for moms of children with special needs.MORE

Navigating Addiction While Living with Type 1 Diabetes

"Drugs have a way of making everything in your life take a backseat to them..." But what happens when Type 1 diabetes can't take a backseat?MORE

Checking in with American Idol’s Ava August

The youngest contestant on this season of American Idol talks to Beyond Type 1 about her career and performing with T1D.MORE

Trying a CGM for Free with the MyFreeStyle Program

The MyFreeStyle program allows you to try out the FreeStyle Libre for free, and I decided to test it out for myself.MORE

Meet the Creators of “When I Go Low: A Type 1 Diabetes Picture Book”

Beyond Type 1 recently chatted with author Ginger Vieira and and artist Mike Lawson about the new book and their own experiences with T1D.MORE

With SAG-AFTRA Healthcare Changes, Can T1Ds Stay in the Arts?

With recently announced SAG-AFTRA healthcare changes, do the majority of people with T1D realistically have the option to choose a profession in the arts? MORE

A New Pancreas and a New Lease on Life

Brandon Mouw lived with type 1 diabetes for 31 years. You may notice that I used the past tense. He had type 1 diabetes, until his pancreas transplant.MORE

Diabetes and Reality TV, with Marcus LaCour from Say I Do

Netflix's "Say I Do" is a reality show about surprise dream weddings, but its first episode showcased something we don't often see in reality TV - Type 1 diabetes.MORE

Watch Type 1 Diabetes on Netflix

When was the last time you saw a positive portrayal of diabetes on screen? Our critic considers two Netflix shows featuring people with type 1 diabetes.MORE

Insulin: Past, Present & Future

Insulin: it’s that thing that keeps people with type 1 diabetes alive. Here, we explore where insulin has been and where it's going next.MORE

“Actually, I Can” Book Review

In her new book, Morgan Panzirer touches on experiences, wins, frustrations and pet peeves that someone with T1D can easily relate to.MORE

Insulin Access: The Haves and Have-Nots

Reliable and consistent insulin access should not be a luxury reserved for the few. It should be the standard.MORE

How to Set Boundaries with Loved Ones During COVID-19

Need to set clear boundaries with loved ones to keep yourself safe during COVID-19? Here are some ways to do that – without feeling sorry about it.MORE

My Inspirations to Stay at Home

I would love to throw caution to the wind and get outside right now - travel, see my friends, be anywhere but my house. But I am not going to. Here's why.MORE

How to Choose an Endo

Choosing the right endocrinologist to fit your lifestyle is not always an easy task, but don't be afraid to look around and advocate for yourself.MORE

InPen Review: Smart Insulin Delivery Via MDI

InPen, developed by Companion Medical, is breaking ground for people with diabetes on MDI that has already been broken for people using an insulin pump.MORE

Actress Elizabeth Perkins on Her Type 1 Journey

It wasn’t until the emergence of strong T1D communities that Elizabeth Perkins was finally comfortable being loud about her experience living with diabetes.MORE

Technology For My Lifestyle: An Eversense Review

Megan Casey has found that the implantable Eversense CGM is her best bet when it comes to diabetes management because it fits her lifestyle.MORE

City of Hope’s World Diabetes Day Panel

On November 14th, World Diabetes Day, City of hope hosted an hour-long Facebook Live broadcast titled "Celebrating World Diabetes Day: Journey Toward a Cure,” hosted by Beyond Type 1 cofounde...MORE

Get to Know Sara Jensen: Executive Committee Chair

Ever since Beyond Type 1 was founded in 2015, Creative Director Sara Jensen has served as one of the pillars of the organization. Sara’s son Henry, now 12, was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in 2013...MORE

The T1D Guide to Running Your First Marathon

So, you have T1D and you want to run a marathon? You’re in luck! Alexi just did and shares her tips and tricks.MORE

The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom: A Book Review

Stacey Simms has recently added a new title to her repertoire: author. Stacey’s new book, "The World’s Worst Diabetes Mom" is available now.MORE

T1D Greatest Hits Playlist

The playlist is here. Get your groove on and have fun with these type 1 tunes. MORE

T1D Pro Basketball Player Fabian Bleck Talks Support Systems + Consistency

Fabian Bleck talks about his life with type 1 as a basketball player in Germany and what playing at the professional player is like.MORE

Movies That Make Us Think All The T1D Thoughts

Everyone loves movies. But some films conjure hilarious and/or downright frightening scenarios for those dealing day in and day out with type 1.MORE

10 Daily Life Annoyances that Only T1Ds Know

Difficult decisions surrounding food, constant alarms going off, questions and looks from strangers — It's all just part of daily life for people with T1D.MORE

Things Everyone Thinks Are Gross Unless You’re a T1D

Alexi Melvin gives us the inside scoop on gross, T1D-only situations that people outside the T1D space just don't understand.MORE

A Dead Pancreas, a Stress Fracture, and a Will to Run

Alexi Melvin talks about her trepidation with running and why nothing will stop her from running the TCS New York City Marathon.MORE

The ‘Ultra’ Role Model: One Mom’s Path to Distance Running

Jody LeVos brings her ultra marathon experience to the 2019 Beyond Type Run New York TCS Marathon team and shares her motivation for running.MORE

Compare Less, Live More: Social Pressure + T1D

Alexi Melvin discusses the competitive nature of social media and the way it affects the T1D community in particular.MORE

Bright Spots and Landmines of Living with T1D

Adam Brown has been an influential voice in the diabetes community for several years, since launching his popular advice column "Adam's Corner" on diaTribe. In 2017, Adam released his f...MORE

Why Are HbA1Cs Going Up Among Young Adults?

HbA1C Levels have gone up over the past decade, especially among young adults. At what point does technology become more of a hindrance than a help?MORE

How to Talk to Kids About Type 1

How do you explain type 1 diabetes on somewhat of a basic level that children will understand without intimidating, confusing or frightening them?MORE

Jay Franke: Dancing Professionally with T1D

Former Professional Dancer Jay Franke talks about his thriving career in one of the most competitive industries in the world after a type 1 diagnosis.MORE

T1D in the Wild: When Type 1 Isn’t #1

The thing that I have come to realize is that sometimes – when my mind has not been laser-focused on T1D, my management has actually improved.MORE

T1D in the Wild: Diabetics Invade Disneyland!

Out in the T1D "wild," occasionally you are bound to run into a mouse. Or perhaps even stumble upon a remote, enchanted castle.MORE

“Sharing” is Caring

The ability to have other people alerted if something goes awry with our blood sugar levels is invaluable. But – that doesn’t mean that we don’t want to be a little discerning when choosing to w...MORE

Diabetes in the Wild: Holiday Party Hacks

Holiday festivities are here! Here are some tips, tricks, and helpful insight into how to manage blood sugar levels amidst the merry-making.MORE

T1D in the Wild: Device Etiquette

There are many things to consider here – how we react to those who are uninformed about our various gadgets, and how we approach other people with type 1 out in the world.MORE

Meet Alexi on the Beyond Type 1 Leadership Council

Alexi is a writer, artist and actress in the Bay Area. She studied at the New School University in Manhattan as well as the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute. She has written for multiple pub...MORE

The T1D Travel Snack Guide

Whether traveling or commuting, having the right snacks when you have type 1 diabetes is key. Learn what our top nine travel snack picks are. MORE

New iLet Bionic Pancreas System Begins Clinical Trial Testing

Beta Bionics has officially received IDE approval from the FDA to begin a clinical trial, testing the new iLet Bionic Pancreas System.MORE

Gut Health Possibly the Key to Type 1 Diabetes Prevention

Recently, a research team from the University of Queensland in Australia began a trial centered around the relationship between the changes in gut microbiota and type 1 diabetes diagnoses, and whether...MORE

Meet the Woman Behind Lyfebulb + The Innovation Summit

After her diagnosis, and completing her postdoctoral in diabetes, Karin began to notice that there was a lack of organizations out there that focused on enjoying life despite living with a chronic ill...MORE

The International Diabetes Federation and Its Vision

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has one vision – to live in a world without diabetes.MORE

Proving a Type 1 Can Bike America

“Any chance I can get to just tell people, 'hey here’s this average guy who biked across America with type 1,' and how I handled nutrition, and handled insulin and blood sugar levels. I ...MORE

Non-verbal Type 1 Child Stuns Art World

Immediately after being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of 2, Ocean’s speech development came to a screeching halt. Despite not being able to fully communicate his feelings verbally, Ocean...MORE

No Longer the Only (Type) One

What sets his journey with Bike Beyond apart from his other two adventures is that this time, he will not be the only one with type 1 diabetes.MORE

Eric Tozer and The Diabetes Sports Project

Just one month after competing in his first marathon, Eric found himself running 3,000 miles, coast-to-coast in just 15 days. Did we mention that he, along with his nine other teammates, all did this ...MORE

Omnipod Horizon Hybrid Closed-loop System

Insulet Corporation – the company that brought us the tubeless insulin pump, the OmniPod, released some exciting news a couple weeks ago which could drastically shift the future of Type 1 diabetes m...MORE

Ketones & Low Carb Diets

We all are taught that ketones can result from high blood sugar or illness, but what I have recently experienced has illuminated another danger with regard to ketones—cutting out carbs.MORE

Can Pets Help in T1D Management?

To say that the stress and anxieties that come with having type 1 diabetes can get daunting would be an understatement. But have you ever considered that the simple act of playing with a cute animal c...MORE

Do you celebrate a diaversary?

We all have a diagnosis day. It is a day that would be tough to forget, but the question is, how should the day be recognized?MORE

Dating—When to Introduce Type 1 to the Relationship

Dating someone new is always stressful, and even more so when you have type 1 diabetes. True of both T1Ds and non-T1Ds, how much information to reveal at what time in the relationship is a tricky bala...MORE

T1D Device Malfunctions and What to Do

As much as we try to “live in the moment,” the fact remains that technology is not perfect, so we need to take a little extra time to plan and anticipate what might go wrong so that we can stay he...MORE

What would Chanda do?

Having type 1 diabetes, I have always struggled with the idea of feeling safe and confident in my own body —it is as if it is foreign to me at times, but I have never felt as empowered as I did imme...MORE

Take Your Perks with Type 1

Having type 1 diabetes has many downsides, or “lows,” if you will. It is often difficult to look on the bright side of any illness. However, there are certain instances where we get treated to som...MORE

The Evolution of T1D Technology

Considering how quickly Type 1 diabetes technology has been advancing over the recent years, it is very easy to get comfortable with those tools available to us today. There isn’t much of a reason t...MORE

The T1D Loner

If you are going to be living alone like me, or find yourself in circumstances where you are by yourself for long periods of time, it is good to take precautions. You can never be too careful or too p...MORE

SLAMT1D is All In

Two short years after discovering his youngest daughter had been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, he and his wife were already asking how they could help others. Since that day, over eleven years ago, ...MORE

Phil Southerland on Advocacy, Action + Type 1

If you know the name Phil Southerland, you are probably aware of his multiple achievements in the T1D community, especially when it comes to the athletic realm, such as his serving as the CEO of Team ...MORE


Being diagnosed with type 1 has never held me back from continuing my beloved tradition, (which sometimes occurs more than a few times per year!). Disney parks, in my opinion, are perhaps the most typ...MORE

Talking T1D with Sam Fuld: Major League Baseball Player and Dad

When asked about managing his routine while on the road vs. at home, Sam stresses that every day is different no matter where he is. "If I’m playing and I’m 0 for 4 and I get no action in the...MORE

6 Nutrition Bars that Will Change Your Life

With all the various brands and flavors of nutrition bars available today, no one bar is going to taste the same as another. The same goes for the effect that they will have on our bodies (and BG leve...MORE

The 10 Most Expensive Liquids in the World

Type 1 diabetics rely on injections of a certain life-saving liquid called insulin. But have you ever wondered what the exact cost of insulin is? And how does it weigh in (per gallon) against the most...MORE

My Mental Health Balancing Act with Type 1 Diabetes

Don’t be so hard on yourself. Dealing with any disease takes a toll on our sanity, and understandably so. I try not to judge my emotions as they arise. Breathe, acknowledge them, and then exhale. MORE

The History of Type 1: Where We’ve Been and Where We’re Going

Testing our blood glucose levels is integral to our diabetes management, and has become second nature to most of us in our daily routines. However, owning a blood sugar meter was not always a luxury f...MORE

Exclusive with Former NFL Player Brandon Green

“At the professional level, you could lose your job if you have to sit out,” Brandon said. “You have to operate like you don’t have it – people won’t feel sorry for you and you’ll have t...MORE

American Idol Elliott Yamin Dishes on Life and T1D

If you saw singer and performer, Elliott Yamin, walking down the street, you might immediately notice him from having watched Season 5 of American Idol where he came in 3rd place. What you may or may ...MORE

Jordan Morris and His Professional Soccer Career with Type 1 Diabetes

Jordan Morris wondered if his diagnosis would alter his athletic aspirations. Today plays for the Seattle Sounders FC Major League and the US National Team.MORE