Bruce Steinberg


Bruce Steinberg is the Managing Director and Executive Vice President of HIMSS International. HIMSS, a mission driven non-profit, is a global advisor and thought leader supporting the transformation of health through information and technology. 

In his role, Bruce is focused on leading HIMSS’ international operations to address the global need and demand for improvements in the quality, safety, and efficiency of healthcare. 

Bruce has more than 30 years of international experience in leading the growth and transformation of innovative businesses, from MTV Europe, UK Gold & Living TV, Fox Kids to Sky and People Tree. 

Immediately prior to joining HIMSS, Bruce was CEO of Big White Wall, an online international platform for mental health services. Big White Wall provides a safe and anonymous 24/7 online community with digital resources for mental health and well-being support. 

Bruce continues to be a Member of the Leadership Council for Beyond Type 1 (Diabetes) and a Trustee of the Unforgettable Foundation (Dementia). 

Bruce earned an MBA from Harvard Business School, an MA (Cantab) from Cambridge University and a BA from Columbia University. He is based in London.