Clark Family


“Together we can” is the motto the Clark Family lives by. A family of 5, we face challenges like any others do. We strive to Live Beyond every day in our work and at home. Our youngest, Jeanmarie, was diagnosed with Type One Diabetes at age 11. To say it was a shock would be an understatement. Like many others, we had little knowledge of this disease and no family history. From the moment of diagnosis we were determined to let Jeanmarie know that she would Live Beyond this diagnosis, and she is doing just that. From her ballet studies at The Joffrey to her endless humor and creativity, she doesn’t allow Type One to stop her. Jeanmarie is little sister to big brother Ryan and middle sister Josie. High schoolers, they are the source of lots of entertainment in the Clark household. There’s never a dull moment! Ryan and Jeanmarie were born hearing impaired. Again, no family history. Their sensorineural hearing loss continually creates challenges, but they face those beautifully. Tom and Jacqui (me!) are happily married and wish time would slow down a bit! Our Boxer (Wookiee) and French Bulldog (Cupid) are the glue that holds us all together at times. Truly, animals are the best medicine. Our mission is to educate all we can about T1D. The time is NOW to break the stereotypes and provide accurate information about this autoimmune disease. We are grateful to have found Beyond Type 1 shortly after diagnosis, and we believe so firmly in its mission to Educate, Advocate, Cure!