Jennifer Stone


Born in a suburb in Texas, Jennifer is most well known for her work as Harper in Disney Channel’s Wizard’s of Waverly Place. She spent years playing the lovable, loyal, and eccentric best friend to Selena Gomez and Jake T. Austin. Since, Stone has also appeared in a wide array of TV movies including Mean Girls 2 for ABC, High School Exorcism for Lifetime, and series including Deadtime Stories for Nickelodeon, House M.D on Fox. She was also featured in Secondhand Lions, the New Line Cinema feature Secondhand Lines which grossed more than 40 million at the box office. Stone is set to lead the Capital Arts Entertainment film ‘Santa Girl,’ which will be produced by Rob Kerchner, most well-known for his work on Teen Wolf. Outside of acting, Jennifer enjoys art, specifically water color painting and giving back to the community by teaching acting courses to the next generation of actors.

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