Johnson Family


Aaron (AJ) and Kori met and fell immediately head over heels in love in 2005. For years AJ wasn’t vocal about his diabetes. Although he had been diagnosed at the early age of 15 months, way back in 1983, he kept relatively quiet about it and never shared his T1D path with Kori, or anyone else for that matter. That all changed after their marriage in 2013, after experiencing some pretty serious health difficulties, AJ finally let Kori in. Something awakened in AJ and with Kori’s never-faltering support, AJ dove head first into the DOC, and advocacy for the Type 1 diabetes community. Now one of the most public faces of the T1D community in North Carolina, AJ and Kori run FFT1, a 501(c)3 nonprofit charity for Type 1 Diabetes in the Charlotte, NC area. They both share a true passion for helping others. Kori is AJ’s rock, she keeps him on task, supports him fully, and is a force in her own right in the community. Together they face down the challenges of Diabetes each and every day, and each and every day they defeat it by surviving and thriving. Together they are a strong family that loves. Together they live beyond.

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