Lemonade Stand Downloadables


Want to throw a Lemonade Stand Fundraiser for Beyond Type 1? Download your favorite visuals below, grab some lemons, and make it happen! Be sure to take pictures, and send them to us! For the banners below, click on the photo that you want to download. We recommend printing them in black & white at your local print shop such as Staples or FedEx/Kinkos—and color in the lemons. The last we checked, you can get them printed for less than $5, and then have an adorable lemonade themed coloring party before your lemonade fundraiser! You may be asked by the copy shop if you have the rights to legally reproduce this print. This work is released under a Creative Commons license that permits free reproduction.

Banners (24″x48″)

Tabletop Material

“What is T1D?” Full Sheet
Organization Overview

Organization Half-Sheet



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