When Life Gives You Lemons


Sometimes life gives us lemons, and let’s be honest, Type 1 diabetes could be seen as an unexpected sour dose. But what if we found ways to make that around-the-clock, keep-you-up-all-night, pain-in-the-you-know-what Type 1 diabetes sweeter? We asked our T1D community how they make a more palatable version of the lemon and here are their recipes for lemonade.


Putting those lemons to good use. The issue with T1 is all the misinformation available (a lot from unaware physicians), so on sour days I actually lean on other diabetics who take care of themselves as hard as I do. The best use for Facebook right now. You know after 24 years with it, explaining the unshared helps a lot. ???????? – Patricia Oviedo

Make really bright and colourful things so I feel I’ve accomplished something good. And cry, a lot, I find it helps to just empty the tank some days. – Hope Duncan

All I need to do is look at, or think of my smiling happy T1, then all my sour lemons turn sweet. -Suvi Coffey

Take a deep breath, pick up the pieces, and then I add vodka. ???? – Samantha Brzozwski

Having a hard time making lemonade this week ???? – Erin Gottis

Walking my dog – David Stephens

Being positive – Paola Caceres

Spending time with my boy – Krista Gustafson

By re-defining the lifestyle stigma of what it means to live with Type 1 Diabetes ???? – TalesfromaType1

Knowing tomorrow will be a new day – Sue McKee-Neill

To be happy & live life to the fullest! – Gretchen Otte

Living, traveling, loving a lot! THRIVING despite diabetes! – Jackie Reilly-Romo