What is Your Low Snack Based on Your Zodiac?


Astrology is cool. Snacks are cooler.

Especially when they treat lows!


Aries: Pineapple

Independent and courageous Aries gets their lows in check with a serving of pineapple! Pineapples are difficult to open up, just like stubborn Aries — this fiery sign loves a good challenge.

Taurus: Cereal

Hardworking, simple Taurus loves a good standby — enter cereal. And with so many kinds out there, Taurus can get a little creative if they want to, though their stubborn nature will probably choose Fruit Loops for the millionth time — it’s fine

Gemini: Maple Syrup

Chugging some maple syrup when you’re going very low, very quickly can do wonders to turn your sugars around. Just like Gemini, maple syrup is polarizing: some love it, some hate it.

Cancer: Chocolate Cake

The emotions are strong with this one. They’ve had a hard week (read: life) and cake is the only thing that’s going to get the job done. Inconsistent Cancers need the kind of stability and happiness that only cake can bring when they’re low.

Leo: Doritos

Bold, brazen Leos don’t let lows get them down – they bounce right back with a bag of Doritos, aka the best chip of all time. (Nacho Cheese or bust — don’t @ us…)

Virgo: Ice Cream

Virgos are analyzing constantly — they need to chill out. In comes ice cream to save the day and make those blood sugars skyrocket.

Libra: Glucose Tablets

The practical, diplomatic Libra knows that the best, albeit most boring way to cure a low is the old-fashioned way: pop a few tabs and call it a day.

Scorpio: Sour Patch Kids

Intense, passionate Scorpio can be either hard to handle, or a breath of fresh air — depends on the day! Especially when dealing with a low, it’s important for Scorpios to have a tasty yet complex treat on hand to lift those levels up.

Sagittarius: Leftover Candy

Sagittarius goes with the flow, so when they’re low, they know that leftover candy from the holidays will easily get the job done.

Capricorn: Somebody else’s food in the office fridge

Capricorns are lowkey evil difficult to deal with at times. Don’t be shocked if they made their way into the office fridge to “borrow” someone else’s orange juice. We’ve all been there and lows are tricky, just like Capricorns.

Aquarius: Gushers

What’s more quirky than Aquarius? Gushers! (AKA the snack my mom never sent me to school with) I’m not bitter… And neither is Aquarius when they’ve got gushers on hand to cure their lows!

Pisces: Marshmallow Fluff

Imaginative, sensitive Pisces enjoys foods that are soft, like them. Marshmallow fluff gets lows in check in a wondrous way.


WRITTEN BY Jordan Dakin, POSTED 04/08/19, UPDATED 07/15/21

Jordan recently graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles after earning her BA in English and Film Studies. She is a passionate storyteller, traveler, and lover of people and hopes to use her experience working in tech and as a writer to advocate for the BT1 community. In her spare time, she dabbles in astrology.