Omnipod Dash System Launches in First European Countries


On December 18, Insulet announced that the Omnipod DASH™ Insulin Management System is now officially available in the UK and the Netherlands. The system features a new, locked-down smartphone functioning as a PDM (personal diabetes manager).

“We are highly focused on individualized care and freedom of choice, both of which are exceptionally important when it comes to the overall customer experience,” said DJ Cass, Head of International at Insulet. “Our customers were at the heart of our development efforts when designing our new product innovation and we are proud to build on the existing advantages of Pod therapy, which provides flexibility, ease of use and discretion.”

What’s New in the DASH™ System?

  • Updated PDM (Personal Diabetes Manager) – the handheld portion of the Omnipod Insulin Management System got an update and will feature a color touchscreen display
  • Bluetooth wireless technology – DASH™ PDM and Pod will communicate via Bluetooth, laying the groundwork for current and future integrations with compatible technology – like meters, CGM, and management apps
  • Meter integration – DASH™ will be optimized for use with CONTOUR® NEXT ONE Blood Glucose Meter for the transfer of blood glucose readings to the PDM’s bolus calculator via Bluetooth – the PDM will no longer have a built-in BGM
  • Diabetes management app integrations – the Omnipod Display and Omnipod View apps will provide users and their caregivers easy access to their insulin therapy information on their smartphones
    • Omnipod DISPLAY allows users to discreetly monitor their PDM data on their smartphones
    • Omnipod DISPLAY on a smartphone will include a “Find My PDM” feature
    • Omnipod VIEW allows parents and caregivers to monitor their loved ones’ diabetes more easily. The iOS Today View widget allows users and their care teams to see their or their loved ones’ PDM and continuous glucose monitor (CGM) data on one smartphone screen with one swipe
  • New Pods – the DASH™ pods will look and work the same, but have been updated for Bluetooth compatibility with the DASH™ PDM, old pods will not work with the new PDM
  • Rechargeable Battery – the DASH™ PDM will require recharging of its lithium ion battery, replacing the AAA batteries used in current Omnipod PDMs


The Omnipod DASH™ became available in the US earlier this year.

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