DIY Loop Now Compatible with Omnipod


On Monday, April 22, Loop announced that a version of their DIY Loop is now compatible with the current ‘Eros’ generation of Omnipod, and released an early testing branch (similar to a beta test) to the public.

Loop is an open-source app template for building an automated insulin delivery system, and had previously only been available for use with some versions of Medtronic pumps. The system works by connecting an insulin pump to a smartphone via a RileyLink device, and then uses data from a continuous glucose monitor (CGM) to adjust insulin delivery rates. The addition of Omnipod to the short list of pumps capable of ‘Looping’ is exciting, but there are several important factors to be aware of.

In a Facebook announcement, Pete Schwamb stressed that “DIY Loop is not a Tidepool product, and is not supported by Tidepool and has not gone through Tidepool’s quality system or FDA review. This work is done with volunteer hours and is supported by the awesome Looped community.”

Indeed, it is important to note that this recent Omnipod release is a ‘testing branch.” According to, the fact that it is ‘in-testing’ means that people using this experimental branch “should expect issues and be willing to participate in reporting and capturing any observed issues. The branch will be likely updated, at a more frequent rate than a stable branch would be, to push bug fixes. Therefore, testers should also be willing and able to regularly update their Loop app to capture those updates.”

Other important takeaways from the announcement:

  • The DIY Loop system will only work with the current generation of pods (Eros). Tidepool Loop is currently seeking FDA approval for the next generation DASH pods.
  • Omnipod DIY Loopers will no longer use their personal diabetes managers (PDMs), rather they will control their pods from the Loop app on their iPhone.
  • As with the Medtronic DIY Loop, Omnipod DIY Loopers will need to use a RileyLink to run Loop.
  • Omnipod DIY Loopers will still be able to suspend basals and boluses in progress.
  • Loop is still only available on iPhone and iPod touch.

For a detailed breakdown of Loop and what this update means for current Omnipod users, we encourage readers to visit

To learn more about DIY Looping in general, check out Beyond Type 1’s Guide to DIY Looping.

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WRITTEN BY Todd Boudreaux, POSTED 04/23/19, UPDATED 07/25/23

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