Recapping the Beyond Type Run NYC Marathon Brunch


Editor’s Note: To learn more about the Beyond Type Run‘s 2018 TCS New York City Marathon Team sponsored by Dexcom and Insulet, makers of the tubeless Omnipod Insulin Management System. Learn more about the 2019 Beyond Type Run team here.

The Beyond Type Run 2018 Marathon Brunch took place in New York City last Saturday in preparation for Sunday’s marathon. The team gathered at the Ainsworth FIDI to get to know each other, enjoy some delicious food and listen to inspiring speeches. Brian Mazza, athlete and owner of the Ainsworth FIDI, stopped by to thank the team and wish them good luck.

Beyond Type Run presenting sponsors Dexcom + Omnipod both gave speeches. Anne Santoro, senior marketing manager—partner communications at Dexcom, spoke on behalf of the company, acknowledging the number of runners who would be using Dexcom G6 and Omnipod on Sunday.

“The biggest ‘thank you’ of all, of course, goes to all of the runners, the Dexcom warriors, this is without a doubt the best part of our job. We work with G6 every day, our favorite part is seeing how it helps you guys do all the things you want to do… We know you guys are going to crush the marathon tomorrow,” Santoro said.

Dave Holmes, the 2018 Beyond Type Run marathon team captain, expressed that runners would be setting an example for bystanders with type 1 diabetes.

“I can’t tell you any of the important athletic stuff, but what I can tell you is that tomorrow you are going to be showing people that type 1 diabetes doesn’t need to hold them back. There are going to be people every inch of the way… there are going to be people cheering you on. In that group will be people who have just been diagnosed with type 1,” Holmes said.

Having recently been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes (T1D) himself, he shared some of his own immediate reactions, “What scared me after my diagnosis was the thought that I might not get to run again or bike again or do any of the things I like to do because the fear of lows really crippled me. It was running with other type 1’s that literally got me back on my feet.”

He then went on to encourage runners to think of those in the crowd who might be looking up to them.

“If your energy lags, which it will, just think you’re showing people that they can do anything… Let that keep you going,” Holmes said.

Amy Bevan, community manager—patient marketing at Insulet, has an 11-year-old son with type 1 diabetes, is a former NYC Marathon runner, and shared a number of announcements from Omnipod.

“Congratulations to all of you—I know how hard it is to run this marathon without diabetes—and I’m amazed and impressed by all of you for what you’re doing tomorrow, with diabetes. We’re super excited to announce that we’re going to be closing the Nasdaq in recognition of Diabetes Awareness Month.” Bevan announced.

She also noted the impressive reach Omnipod has had, and after having just produced their 100,000,000th pod, if every one of them was stretched end to end, they would reach coast to coast.

Richard Turcott, who also works at Omnipod, has run 20 marathons since his T1D diagnosis and lent some advice to first-timers.

“You can definitely do it and it does represent everything that you’ve done and I know that diabetes management takes a ton of discipline, we all know that, and so does training for a marathon. I think those two merging are really magic. Remind yourself at mile 20 tomorrow when you feel like throwing in the towel and you can’t do it, that pain is temporary and pride is forever,” Turcott said.

Sam Talbot, one of the co-founders of Beyond Type 1, thanked Dexcom and Insulet for their continued support and acknowledged the marathon’s international participants from England, France, India, Mexico and South Africa.

“Living with diabetes isn’t the easiest thing to do on the planet. It’s a lot of training, it’s a lot of methodical planning and then to do this on top of it with more methodical planning and even more training… all of you are super bright lights… keep going, keep shining, we’ll keep doing what we do and y’all keep rocking,” Talbot said.

Beyond Type Run Team Coordinator Mary Lucas, who also leads influencer engagement at Beyond Type 1, rounded out the brunch with her sentiments on the community’s impressive impact.

“People will literally recognize Beyond Type Run or the handwriting or the shirt—it happened to me last year. A girl pointed at me, she said, ‘Beyond Type Run! I’m a type 1 diabetic!’ So I stopped and I gave her a hug. That’s the kind of magical stuff that will happen, so just make sure that you’re taking in every single moment,” Lucas advised.

Watch the full livestream of the brunch here

WRITTEN BY Jordan Dakin, POSTED 11/07/18, UPDATED 11/05/22

Jordan recently graduated from the University of California, Los Angeles after earning her BA in English and Film Studies. She is a passionate storyteller, traveler and lover of people and hopes to use her experience working in tech and as a writer to advocate for the BT1 community. In her spare time, she also enjoys hiking, karaoke and cooking for friends.