Slipstream Weekends from Beyond Type 1 x Connected in Motion


SLIPSTREAM (noun): an area of reduced air pressure and forward suction immediately behind a rapidly moving vehicle. Alternate definition: a weekend retreat for adults living with Type 1 diabetes.

It’s easier to travel in the Slipstream. When people with Type 1 diabetes get together, we can share the challenge of moving ourselves forward. Learn from one another. Take a break and let others lead. Share our experiences. Generate momentum. Spend a weekend with Beyond Type 1 and Connected in Motion + hop into the Slipstream, we promise you won’t regret it.

Beyond Type 1 and Connected in Motion are partnering to bring you FOUR North American Slipstream Weekends (think diabetes camp for adults!) in 2020. 


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Frequently Asked Questions

Our friends at Connected In Motion are the experts at throwing epic outdoor weekends! Here are their answers to all of your questions!

What do I need to bring with me?
You can check out our program packing lists here. If there are any special items you’ll need, you’ll hear from us via email 2 weeks before the event. We’ll expect that you’ll bring your own diabetes supplies, clothing, and toiletries. We’ll provide all of the outdoor adventure equipment, a bed to sleep in, food… Just like camp… for adults!

What is the vibe of the weekend? Is this like a conference?
Not really! Here, at Connected in Motion, we wanted to get away from the typical ‘conference’ style of learning. We want to have meaningful conversations, hands-on learning, and actually get outside and put into practice some of the strategies for living well with diabetes that we’ve all learned along the way. You can expect a mix between indoor learning sessions – sometimes we’ll bring in special guests to share with us, other times we’ll run group workshops – and outdoor adventure sessions – don’t worry, we’ll let you define adventure! Think, camp for adults!

I’m not super fit. I’ve seen some of CIM’s photos and videos – everything looks epic. I don’t know if I’ll be able to handle Slipstream!
Of course you will! The CIM team are trained educators and adventure guides. We work hard to make sure that everyone experiences success, defined on your own terms. Whether that’s climbing a mountain, or just strolling to the trailhead, we’ll mould the experience to suit all ability levels. We’ll encourage you to step to the edge of your comfort zone, but we won’t push you off!

I’ve never been to something like this before – Can I bring a friend?
Slipstream is built just for adults with Type 1 diabetes – Do you have a friend with diabetes? Then, sure! Bring them along! We realize how scary it can be to jump into something like this alone and we commend everyone who has pushed themselves and join the community solo – We are proud of you! We know it’s not easy! We’ll do our best to help make joining the community easy for everyone – We’ll help arrange carpooling, make introductions throughout the weekend, plan ice breakers – whatever we need to do to make you feel welcomed. Come join us!

I have a special dietary need – celiac, dairy sensitivity, allergy – Can the venue accommodate me?
We’ll be working closely with the venue to ensure that we can meet the dietary needs of all of our Slipstreamers. Food is one of the highlights of a Slipstream experience! The venue knows that we will be a group with diverse needs and will be prepared to meet the needs of our crew. We’ll also work closely with you, if you’d prefer, to make sure that you’re comfortable with the food situation. We don’t want food to be a stress!

Will there be low supplies on site, or do I need to pack my own?
Low supplies will be plentiful! We’ll supply juice boxes, glucose tabs, granola bars, etc. As always, if you have your own favorites, please bring them along! (Maybe they will become our favourites, too!)

I see a lot of cool outdoor adventure activities listed. Do I need any of my own equipment?
Nope! For every activity offered at Slipstream, gear will be provided – It’s included in your registration fee!

Do you have questions that you’d like answered? Send them to with Summer Slipstream FAQ in the subject line and we’ll get your questions answered!

Sample Weekend Schedule

Please note – this is NOT a final schedule for the event you’ll be attending, but a sample from a past Slipstream to give you an idea of what to expect. We’re bringing some new, exciting people + programs into the mix, but this is a good sample!


Past Slipstreams