It’s No Longer Just a Needle Game

After her body started resisting injected insulin, Ginger Gault knew she needed a change. After switching to Afrezza, an inhaled insulin, her life has taken an entirely new direction.

Tandem Announces Dexcom G5 Mobile Integration for t:slim X2

August 28, 2017 - Tandem Diabetes Care announces FDA approval and commercial launch of the t:slim X2™ Insulin Pump with Dexcom G5® Mobile continuous glucose monitoring (CGM) integration

Study Shows CGM Benefits Extend to Those with Type 2 Diabetes

Over 24 weeks, Type 2 patients lowered their HbA1C levels and reported high levels of satisfaction using Dexcom's CGM system.

The 2017 Total Eclipse Diabetic Survival Handbook

This is the 2017 Total Eclipse Diabetic Survival Handbook™, or TEDSCH. In the following paragraphs you will find all the information you need to survive (even thrive) during the eclipse.

Strength Is Accepting Help

Kaylin Hunter used to think being strong meant refusing a life vest and fighting the T1D current and the anxiety of managing a chronic disease entirely on her own, but she now defines strength as recognizing the need for help and accepting it.

I Freaking LOVE My Diabetes!

Having Type 1 diabetes has forced me to find the silver linings, not only in the management of my disease, but across all aspects of my life.

Growing up with T1D

T1D presents different challenges at different stages of life. Here's advice for managing T1D as one comes into young adulthood.

Poked & Pinned: An Artist’s Journey

The Poked & Pinned photo series mimics ritual, transforming rarely-seen acts into ones that must be seen.

Backpacking 101: Tips from the Experts at Connected in Motion

At Connected in Motion, we love connecting people around adventure. We love the intense sense of community created by a group of people exploring the edge of their comfort zones and leaping into the unknown.

Discounts on Insulin

With insulin prices skyrocketing in the US, it's become challenging for many to afford the life-saving medicine. Prescription Assistance Programs can help though.

The Winning Team: An Interview with Charlie Kimball

Charlie’s motivation to stay on top of his diabetes management comes from his love for racing. He knows how hard he works to stay competitive in his sport, even when it might not be apparent to interviewers or other athletes in racing.

Diabetes Tech: How To Keep Up, While Keeping Your Hopes Up

With so much diabetes news flooding our lives, how does one manage his or her hopes and expectations around realizable treatments and technological lifestyle improvements?

Creatively Coping with T1D

Through art, Geneva Boliek-Poling has stayed connected to her pre-diagnosis life and also learned that T1D can be something other than a destructive and domineering force.

Laws that Protect People with Type 1 Diabetes

Federal Legislation has forever changed the way that individuals live with Type 1 diabetes and other disabilities. The fight to have governmental involvement in advocacy has been time consuming, and at times frustrating, but continues to progress.

T1D and Parental Guilt: A Parent’s Response

In a response to my daughter’s reflection on her Type 1 diabetes diagnosis and parental guilt, I share a parent’s deepest motivation in helping their child: love.