Treating Type 1 diabetes without Insurance – The #OverTheCounterT1DChallenge

Losing your insurance should never be a death sentence. Rob Howe challenges himself to take only R and N insulin, available over-the-counter for less than $100/month.

EMTs Not Allowed to Administer Glucagon

A new paper co-authored by Joslin’s CMO Robert A. Gabbay, MD, PhD finds administration of life-saving medicine not in scope of practice for EMTs.

Companion Medical InPen

The FDA recently approved the smart insulin pen, which is designed to be paired with an Apple iOS app. A first in the U.S., the InPen, which can be re-used for up to one year and works with Humalog or Novalog insulin cartridges, uses Bluetooth to deliver digitized data and, perhaps most important, user convenience.

Getting Insurance on Your Own — My Run Down

Managing T1D is a daily job, and translating health insurance plans can be another part time job on top of it all.

Striving for a Personal Best

When I joined my first facebook group I tried to remember my yoga training. But it was hard. Just like balancing on one leg is near impossible so is managing diabetes.

A Pancreas for My Wife

I must say that I have spent countless nights (to date) implementing OpenAPS. Through updates, adjustments, battles, I've had the desire to throw the Intel Edison into the trash. But every time, I return and continue making this work, so at some point, it will be a true artificial pancreas.

Diabetes Distress: The Emotional Cost of Living with Chronic Illness

If you live with Type 1 diabetes or any other form of chronic illness you understand exactly what the word "distress" feels like. At times it can be so overwhelming and the lingering aftermath so great, it can seem like there is no way out.

From Grief to Greater Than

After Hayden’s Type 1 diabetes diagnosis, the first few months were tough on all of us, but I particularly was pulled into a blackhole of anxiety, worry and depression.

Coming Out Twice: Being a Gay Diabetic

As a Type 1 diabetic since the age of 16, this encounter was the first time my chronic illness impacted my sex life. My body went from attacking itself from the inside, to sabotaging my relationships as I was coming out.

Diabetes Research Connection – The Idea Factory – Powered By You

Beyond Type 1 is proud to patner with Diabetes Research Connection to accelerate novel research designed to prevent and cure type 1 diabetes, minimize its complications and improve the quality of life for those living with the disease.

11 Nosy Questions with Your New Favorite T1D Couple

Bike Beyond's Amanda Oberski and Matt Swain fell in love on the road. This is their story.

Advocacy 101

Inspiration alert: we have a story that will get you motivated to become the best diabetes advocate you can be! Check out Cameron Keighron's tips for more.

Type One Run + Beyond Type 1

Type One Run is a grassroots movement to connect and support the worldwide Type 1 diabetes community through running. We are ordinary people who are passionate about using running to build support, camaraderie and awareness for those affected by Type 1 diabetes.

Omnipod Now Available to Medicare Part D Patients

Insulet Corporation who makes the Omnipod® pump, a tubeless insulin delivery device, has just been approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to be available under the Medicare Part D (prescription drug) program.

Doing it Your Way — Packing Diabetes Supplies

They had more supplies — more duplicates in preparation for failure. Maybe twenty-two years in, I was still doing this all wrong?