Introducing Type 1 in the Wild

The more I’ve traveled, the more diabetes has become something I share with strangers. When I was first diagnosed as a pre-teen and for many of the 10+ years since, I would rather talk a new friend’s ear off about anything else in the world than mention that I had diabetes because I was afraid it would make me less of the person I wanted to be.

Fit with Diabetes Challenge

This challenge is all about setting up the people living with diabetes for success when working out, which means controlling crazy blood sugar fluctuation. There will be posts written by me and other diabetes and fitness experts (Dr. Sheri Colberg, Daniele Hargenrader, Cliff Scherb to mention a few) that will give everybody in the challenge the tools to finding their workout formula.

Type 1 Training Tips from a National Champion Cyclist

One of my biggest goals is to represent my country and Team Novo Nordisk in the 2020 Olympics Games. Not only would it be the pinnacle of my athletic career, but it would also be an incredible platform to inspire, educate and empower those affected by diabetes to pursue their dreams.

Targeting Diabetes — An Archer’s Story

I’m Erika and I’m a Type 1 diabetic. But first and foremost I am an archer.

Into the Wild — T1D Essentials

As T1Ds, our priorities are distinct. We can't begin to think about building ourselves a shelter or a fire, or signaling for help, without stable blood sugars.