A Deadly Lack of Information

Jillian Rippolone shares the story of one of her DKA experiences. She laments not having more information and her inability to recognize symptoms.

I Survived an Insulin Overdose

Sitting there crashing but unable to speak, I could see my life. Not in imagery but in thoughts. Scared and knowing what I had done, I faced my mortality.

Not Perfect Anymore

Thank you, Type 1 diabetes, for helping me find my tribe. Thank you for helping me discover that nothing is perfect. Your best is the best. This carries over into everything, not just dealing with T1D.

When You Don’t Wanna Do It Anymore

It's not that you don't want to do life anymore, it's that you don't want to do life with diabetes anymore.

My Doctor Fired Me as a Patient

Eventually the day came when I ran out of insulin and had no refills left. My A1c was 12% this time around. I had no other choice but to schedule an appointment with my endocrinologist, despite my hesitation.

7 Real-life tips to get through ‘Diabetes Burnout’

I found it really difficult to get through my own experience of ‘diabetes burnout’ so I wanted to share some real life tips that I used successfully to get through it.

Life Beyond Diabetes Complications

And just like many T1Ds, I went through my rebellious period when I was mad at the world, and complained about how unfair everything was, all while doing nothing to care for myself properly, change my situation or anyone else's through avocation, fundraising or anything. Poor, pitiful, me, right?

My Endo Threw Me Out

My jouney with Type 1 is only two years and counting, but if there is one thing I have all figured out, it is that my support system has the biggest impact on my diabetes management. This includes my friends, family, boyfriend, roommates … and my doctor? My endocrinologist, the very person who should be helping me conquer this Type 1 monster, was my worst enemy.

Bouncing Back and Moving Forward — Diabetes Burnout

But the thought of it all was just exhausting. I was burned out. I didn’t know “diabetes burnout” was an official term, and I wasn’t even sure that my diabetes was to blame.

Type One Teen Diabetes Burnout Survival Guide

Reflecting back on my freshman year, I realized I was in a deep state of diabetes burnout, when one gets tired of the endless attention diabetes requires.