cold + flu

Cold and Flu and What to Do

Getting sick is overwhelming, but rest assured! Read on to learn how doctors recommend you should protect against getting sick, as well as what to do if you do catch the flu or a cold.

How to Test Blood Sugar

This is a practical step-by-step guide for how to test blood sugar. Share it with your family or friends who might be testing your child's blood for the first time, or use it as a guide for yourself if you're new to life with diabetes..

The BlueLoop System for Better T1D Management in Schools

We were shown, first hand, how and why the latest cloud-based technology like continuous glucose monitors and insulin pumps never make it into the hands of low-income families. The answer: because they simply can’t afford them, which hinders care coordination among home, school and healthcare providers.

Buzzing Bella

Bella calls bolusing “buzzing” because her insulin pump vibrates after each bolus has been delivered. This means she will say things like, “Can you buzz me for this cookie?”

So You’ve Found a Babysitter for Your T1D Child — Now What?

Time off for any parent is imperative, but for parents and caregivers of Type 1 children opportunities to take a break are critical. and How it all Began

Have you ever tried to teach a babysitter how to test blood sugar, manage a pump, draw insulin or count carbs? Or have you ever thought of using your skills to be a Type 1 babysitter?

The Sitter’s Checklist

Caring for a child with Type 1 diabetes can be a new challenge for even the most experienced sitter. There are three main things to know before the parents walk out the door.

The Nanny Diaries: Managing Type 1 Across Two Households

Beyond more consistent overall care of the disease, there is something more important, and it has more to do with the heart than the pancreas.