T1D College Accommodations

Setting out to begin your life as a new college student can be stressful and overwhelming enough as it is, but as a person with Type 1, there are even more factors to keep in mind before taking the next big step in your life! Here are a few things that will help you to have the best possible college experience.

Talking to Your Roommate about Type 1

Whether you are a new college student, a student who will soon be getting a new roomie, or an adult with one or multiple roommates, it is a good idea to have the “T1D talk” with anyone you will be living with!

Home from College/University

It's helpful to keep in mind that a transition to college/university may change mindsets for both student and parent, so effective communication is important to ensure that your holidays will run smoothly and successfully.

Marijuana and Type 1 Diabetes

Legal or not, depending on where you live and what your ailment or aim is, it doesn't mean "everybody must get stoned." It does mean though, if you're going to "puff the magic dragon," you should know a few things first. Like dude...what about marijuana and Type 1 diabetes?

What College Diabetes Week Means to Our Chapter Members, School and Community

Melissa reflects on College Diabetes Week, what it means to chapter members of CDN, how the community gets involved, and creative ways to engage others.

Diabetes Scholar Kaila Kemnetz-Ness Talks College Life with T1D

Kaila Kemnetz-Ness lives in Minneapolis, Minnesota. She was awarded a scholarship through Diabetes Scholars in 2015.

Making the Most of My Chronic Illness

Reece Ohmer, one of this year's Diabetes Scholars, shares how she has made the most of her diabetes diagnosis and inspired others to do the same.

Hannah’s Story: How to Manage T1D in College

Hannah, a spokesperson for Abbott, talks life in college with the help of her FreeStyle Libre 14 day system.

Diabetes Scholar Eden Grown-Haeberli talks to Beyond Type 1

Eden Grown-Haeberli received a scholarship through Diabetes Scholars in 2017.

Diabetes Scholar Michael Brolly Talks to Beyond Type 1

Michael Brolly catches up with Beyond Type 1 about the transition to college life with diabetes.

Four Years Later: Reflections on Losing Will

As I approach the four year anniversary of Will’s death, I find myself reflecting on what my life looks like now compared to before.

Diabetes Scholar Saloni Sharma Talks to Beyond Type 1

To anyone who is applying for the scholarship, make sure you show every facet of yourself. Diabetes is just one part of you, it doesn't define you.

Advocacy 101

Inspiration alert: we have a story that will get you motivated to become the best diabetes advocate you can be! Check out Cameron Keighron's tips for more.

National College Scholarships for People with Type 1 Diabetes

Paying for college can be expensive. Luckily, there are a variety of scholarships open to those with Type 1 diabetes. Here's a list of US scholarships and eligibility requirements.

Creatively Coping with T1D

Through art, Geneva Boliek-Poling has stayed connected to her pre-diagnosis life and also learned that T1D can be something other than a destructive and domineering force.