Diabetes Camp

Camp is bonfires and storytelling, sleeping bags and star gazing. It's hiking and swimming, noisy mess halls and dirty sneakers. It's about building forts and forging friendships; it's about growing up and gaining independence. For youth with Type 1, it's especially helpful in teaching confidence and the freedom that comes with self-care.

Making the Most of My Chronic Illness

Reece Ohmer, one of this year's Diabetes Scholars, shares how she has made the most of her diabetes diagnosis and inspired others to do the same.

How One Camp Inspired Me to Take on the Ironman

Paul Klockars talked to Beyond Type 1 about his experiences at Diabetes Training Camp.

A Thing Worth Saving

When the news came that Camp Ho Mita Koda, a summer camp for T1D kids to learn lifestyle skills and feel, frankly, normal, was going to close, camp parents, advocates, and campers joined together to keep a tradition alive.

Finding a Type 1 Community — Diabetes Camp in Uganda

Through Camp Tuyniza, Waromo and all future SNF camps, these young warriors find the strength to manage their condition while teaching others the T1D reality beyond the myths that surround the disease.

Snowed in with the Type 1 Community

The storm that hit overnight was of epic proportions. In just 12 hours, our car was entirely covered, our road snowed in, and the glass door of our second story living room showed snow packed nearly to the top.

What I Learned from a Summer at Diabetes Camp

That village of screaming diabetic kids kicked me out of my uneasy indifference. Their bleeding fingers, those snapping rat-tails, and the reek of bottled insulin everywhere eroded my embarrassment, while the mess of needles and strips chastened my sense of isolation.

A Trip to Diabetes Camp

Apart from the check-ins, the measuring cups and talk of diabetes on the sidelines, it is still childhood; it is still camp. The day is filled with sports and song and by the time the sun has set, the children are tired and happy.

A Parent’s Guide to Diabetes Camp

Preparing your child and your family for diabetes camp is one of the most important aspects of the positive experience! Most camps have a visiting day before the season opens when you can visit with the entire family, learn the camp routine, meet staff and other campers and see the facility.

The Magic of Diabetes Camp

"Diabetes camp is like a vacation from diabetes. It makes me feel like I don’t have diabetes because everyone understands. I don’t have to explain everything, or remember everything or make decisions all the time. There’s always someone to help me."

“Living Beyond” Goes To Camp

Summer Camp sessions — inspired by Dillon Reinhart designed by Beyond Type 1 — kicked off this week.

DYF Takes Mount Whitney — The Tallest Peak in USA

This eclectic group of trip leaders would lead nine teens to the top of Mt. Whitney. Regardless of backpacking experience, the trip was a chance for us to inspire teens in the toughest stages of diabetes management. By taking diabetes to the backcountry and helping them reach the summit, we shared hope that they would never view diabetes as a hindrance in achieving their goals.

Victor Garber on Knowing You’re Not Alone

"[People] feel a certain shame attached to being a Type 1 diabetic, which is, first of all, useless. It's not helpful, because the more you can share your experience with people, the more education is broadened and the less you feel like you're alone."

Diabetes Camp — My Why

That seems crazy, right? How could a lifetime of managing a chronic illness be leveled out by a few weeks spent in the woods, sleeping on bunk beds, and making friendship bracelets?

Transforming a “Curse” into a Community — Diabetes Camp

Statements like “How did you get them to do that?" or "I’ve been begging them for months to try that and they refuse” are commonly heard at every session. The answer is simple: camp inspires kids by surrounding them with others like them.