Why is Type 1 Diabetes Misdiagnosed?

Many people with Type 1 share a similar diagnosis story. They display all the classic symptoms (extreme thirst, weight loss, frequent urination, nausea) and were fortunate enough to be accurately diagnosed by their primary care doctor. However, some people with Type 1 are not as fortunate to quickly receive a correct diagnosis.

All About DKA

Diabetic ketoacidosis (DKA) is a complication from diabetes that can be serious and life-threatening. DKA is often a common factor when first diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and can often be mistaken for flu symptoms. It occurs when the body is not receiving enough insulin to break down glucose, which forces the body to start breaking down fat as fuel. Ketones are then released into the body. Elevated ketones in the urine, severe weight loss, extreme thirst, blurry vision and disorientation are all signs of DKA.

‘Previously Healthy’ Nominated for Best Writing (Editorial) in the 23rd Annual Webby Awards

Type 1 diabetes story nominated for a Webby alongside work from BBC Future, The Guardian, The New Yorker, and The Intercept.

Four Years Later: Reflections on Losing Will

As I approach the four year anniversary of Will’s death, I find myself reflecting on what my life looks like now compared to before.

Beyond Type 1 Receives $300,985 Helmsley Charitable Trust Grant for DKA Awareness Campaign

Beyond Type 1 is excited to announce today that we have received a $300,985 grant from The Leona M. and Harry B Helmsley Charitable Trust to power the next phase of our DKA Awareness Campaign.

My Brother Died from DKA

We prayed with every fiber of our beings for a miracle. The test offered no miracle, and now we were surrounding his bed interlocking hands, with his pastor reciting final prayers.

A Diagnosis Timeline: Why T1D Awareness Matters

At no time had I ever been informed about Type 1 diabetes. It was not on my radar. In my opinion, this is a huge failing and it must be addressed. Why are pediatricians not warning us of the signs and symptoms? Why is it not in the red book?

Seeking Comfort in a Birthday Diaversary

As people get older, they tend to dread their birthdays. My birthday is a reminder of the day my life changed forever.

Finding the Calm Beyond

A new mom’s journey with autoimmune diseases forces her to find new levels of calm, resiliency and strength.

Non-verbal Type 1 Child Stuns Art World

Immediately after being diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of 2, Ocean’s speech development came to a screeching halt. Despite not being able to fully communicate his feelings verbally, Ocean has found a way to express himself that speaks just as loudly.

No Shame, No Blame, T1D Diagnosis Game

You know the rest. Thousands of needles. Grief. Fear. Chasing balance. Hypervigilance. Exhaustion. Losing. Winning. Resilience. Adaptation. But the absence of shame and blame.

Losing Will Hauver

His very good A1Cs, his maturity and independence with diabetes management, his success in college, all of this lulled us into complacency. Hindsight while grieving is a painful and horrible exercise.

A Misdiagnosis left my 2-year-old in DKA, Fighting for his Life

One morning, James woke up and per usual, asked for something to drink. I looked at my very articulate 2-year-old, and asked: "Why do you want so much to drink? Are you really thirsty?" And his reply still haunts me …

Levi’s Story

It was Friday, March 7, 2014, at 5 a.m., and despite a sleepless night rocking Levi, I was awake and anxiously waiting for the doctor's office to open.

Mason’s Journey

I could use overwhelming and scary words to describe these few days, but I think the best way to explain it is to imagine you are thrown into the middle of the ocean surrounded by sharks.