Diving with Diabetes in the Philippines

A surreal SCUBA dive in the Philippines goes awry, landing a Type 1 diabetic in the hospital on a very remote island.

T1D Subway Nightmare

This will not be an uplifting post, but the world needs to know and be aware of how fast Type 1 diabetes can take a turn. There is no easy way to write this down. I have been traumatized by this; I can only pray that it will never, ever happen again.

Depression, Alcohol and the Night I Almost Died

Years ago, when I was becoming an adult with the new ability to drink, I abused alcohol to cope with my emotions. It was my way of avoiding the reality of my life, not wanting to accept the one thing that I couldn’t change.

Paris – When My Mom Thought She Lost Me

The door banged open and light flooded into the room. I bolted upright out of bed as my roommate groggily sat up. It was probably 3 or 4 a.m., Paris time, maybe 6 or 7 in California, where my family was. I looked around confused, then slowly realized what had happened.

Maverick’s Story

The ambulance and firefighters come but I have no idea they are here. I'm lost in a low.

My Drug Overdose and Shocking Diagnosis

My friend was panicked as she thought I drank too much, but there were two problems working against me that night: 1) I was having a drug overdose and 2) I was an undiagnosed Type 1 diabetic.

I Think We Saved Our Son’s Life Last Night

I thought, “This is probably just a combination of a night terror (though he’s never had one before) and a low.” But, then it got weird and scary. He adamantly refused the juice now and was shaking violently.

Worst Case Scenario

It was almost two years ago that my son nearly died at school. Not until now, Henry’s third year in a new school system, have I been able to put the story on paper.